Kasauli Jungle Lodge Experience has a Best Real Jungle Feel ( 2023)

Kasauli Jungle Lodge Experience, As earlier discussed Kasauli in my last post-Kasauli is a unique place. Altogether lush green trees all around small tea stalls with snacks available on both. The sides of all mountain areas across high hills with a jungle feel just 60 k.m. from Chandigarh. The main destination or we can say hyper city nearest airport is Chandigarh nearest railway station is Dharmapuri railway station. So we planned this tour for the next day for Diwali 2019. It was nice winter or we can say chilling winter the next day to our Hindu main festival Diwali.

We just celebrated Diwali

We just celebrated Diwali eve and the next day. We have to leave for this tour it was wonderful osam that, we planned this tour on time no Hassel. We all were free we have much time on our hands. We booked the right hotel well in advance. Its jungle lodge interior of the jungle but very near to the main lane wonderful place. So the next morning we just started from our home town. We have to travel around 350 k.m. So we started early morning so that We can reach on time it was a nice journey.

Very difficult route for reaching Kasauli

Kasauli Jungle Lodge Experience has a Best Real Jungle Feel ( 2023)

The first route was around 200 k.m. drive everyone chills out to relax with refreshment and the surrounding was so perfect highway drive is also osam. So our next halt was near Panchkula highway nice place for lunch. We reach our destination around 5 in the evening on a narrow road. We enters the jungle lodge it was a 5 k.m. narrow trek only one car can move on that road and when we entered that place.

Kasauli Jungle Lodge Experience

It was an osam jungle lodge with a jungle feel with all the luxury amenities available in the jungle. There were around 25 cottages wonderful rooms sitting out was perfect. It was so properly designed with all flowers and different kinds of trees with a play station for kids and a gym. Also as we are in the world wide amenities in the jungle evening. We enjoyed with light music everyone was refreshed after reaching this place night sit-out was amazing with different kinds of snacks appetizers osam feel of jungle mein mangal.

Kasauli’s Marketplace

Kasauli Jungle Lodge Experience has a Best Real Jungle Feel ( 2023)

The next morning we planned for a toy train to travel by every got ready for it. It’s a lifetime experience on toy train travel which goes straight to Shimla its starts from Kalka to Shimla and vice versa. It is like world travel altogether Kasauli’s main destination is a marketplace with churches and temples and a small market with winter clothes available at all times. So those who are interested in shopping are most welcome so we stayed there for at least three nights that’s a comfortable journey so in my opinion if you get time to visit must go and visit.

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A jungle lodge is a nice place people should visit it is a nice place to stay and a comfortable jungle feel can relax you and your mind lots of things to experience like a toy train journey and other important points to see. I have planned to travel worldwide that’s my mission and to keep myself healthy.

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