Golden Temple a place for peace and blessings and Best temple in Amritsar

Best temple in Amritsar a city in the Punjab region of India a just 28 k.m. from the border of Pakistan. It’s a nice peaceful city of god the golden temple. Harmandir sahib is the holiest gurudwara of the Sikh religion Amrit Sarovar lake. it’s in the middle of the lake very nice peaceful place as it feels like some blessings are coming out of the temple in our mind.


How to Reach Golden Temple in India 2023

Golden temple when its name reflects our mind goes to blessings from the universe Guru means Educator from
diminish black out from your life and take you to next mission . Golden temple is situated in Punjab In Amritsar
Timing of golden temple is from 05:00 a.m. to 10:pm. The Amritsar airport is just 13 k.m. from golden temple
while the Amritsar junction is just 02 kilometers from the Golden Temple . This Gurudwara is near to rush city
center in Amritsar . How to reach Amritsar if you are coming from new Delhi take Amritsar Shatabdi from new Delhi
and reach Amritsar you will reach around 02:00 p.m. in afternoon , If you are coming by Volvo bus it will take approx..
06 hours to reach Amritsar. If you will take flight from new Delhi it will take just 01 hour to reach Amritsar
you can book a hotel near to the train station that’s really very convenient so in my opinion always use hotel near
to the train station fab hotels are good treebo trends are good branded hotels you have an option take E rickshaw
from outside your hotel and straight go to Golden temple any time you can avoid the rush and straight go to Gurudwara
take your blessings and come back on the way you will find Jaliyah Wala Bagh also . you can get a club cab and auto
for other relevant sightseeing for local for beet Retreat at India Pakistan Atari boarder .

Golden temple maps:  Golden Temple

Let’s start our journey:

We started our journey by train which was pre-booked. I was traveling to Canada. I have to be back after two months in India and visit the place Amritsar. This tour was special for me and my family. We have to explore the entire Amritsar. The main attraction of this tour was the golden temple. It was my second visit and outstanding and wonderful. all my train tickets were pre-booked. I took a Shatabdi start in the evening, And we reached around 10 o clock to Amritsar. I booked a hotel near the railway station. So that we can manage our tour properly.

Golden Temple Kirtan

The best part of this tour in my mind was towards the temple reach as soon as possible. Then we started my journey of early morning darshan. It was soothing chilled air was touching our minds and the voice of golden temple kirtan touching our senses. Once we reached the atmosphere was so cool and peaceful, that we were getting the vibes of special blessings from our guru we walked inside the temple in the middle of the temple.

It was a huge lake and the cue was long. We have to follow the many followers to reach for darshan. But anyhow finally, it was done and after that, we went for the famous cholae and chuchur nan wala. The famous eating spot outside the premises prior to that we had langar distributed 24×7 at the gurudwara premises.

Jalliyawala bagh

We have the full day we started our tour plan with Jalliyawala bagh. It’s a historic garden memorial of national importance in Amritsar. It’s a house of museums and galleries. Now with full information about this place. there were a few old notes which use to be used in that era during the 1940s various freedom fighters’ pics and more in the afternoon. we left for the Wagah border atari border ceremony used to happen.

Best temple in Amritsar

A big and huge Stadium

Where we saw nationalism and different cultures from both countries on one side India another side Pakistan. It is on the border its a big and huge stadium. Which was divided into two parts one-half portion for Indians and the other half portion for Pakistan. It is a huge event that happened every day our Indian army on one side and the Pakistan army on the other side.

Indian Army motivation

it’s said to be a beat retreat ceremony. Which happened every day for the general public with loud music fully motivated by national songs and movie songs played there and people danced and enjoy themselves at that place. And our Indian army motivation is at the highest point and same on the other side of the huge gate which opens once at the time of ceremony what a picturization.

I cannot define it in my words. But it was outstanding and mind-blowing for people my main concern was the golden temple. So visited again to the golden temple just sit there inside for two hours and get blessed.

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Table of Contents
Understanding the Golden Temple 
Golden temple is build in the holy city of Sikh that’s Very famous Amritsar its said to be Gurudwara Sikh religion 
you have to enter the gurudwara with orange turban on you head then only you are allowed to enter it .         
What is the Golden Temple?
The Golden temple is famous for its Golden dome all over that’s why its said to be the Golden temple all surrounded 
by the still water pound in which you can find so many fishes enjoying their healthy life inside . 
Why visit the Golden Temple?
If you have some missions in life , which you are unable to fulfill secondly for mental peace in life .
more over all kind of people those who are looking for family blessings and peace can visit golden temple .
2. Choosing the Best Time to Visit 
 The best time to visit Golden temple is all round the season just stay away in winters too much chilled out here 
extreme winters because you can face fogyish on roads and train are sometime delayed due to too much fog but still 
you can enjoy in rainy season you should carry all your belongings like umbrella , Winchesters 
Whether considerations 
Its always favorable so need not to worry . 
Festival seasons
Festival seasons are always favorable around the year like the main festival is Guru purav , Baisakhi and new year 
too much rush out their in golden temple . 
3. Arriving in India
Once arrival in India either opt for good travel agent in your home town or if you are Solo traveler you can come 
of your own take a cab and reach new Delhi at least enjoy one night in new Delhi then take a next morning train  to 
Amritsar reach Amritsar in afternoon take taxi and reach your hotel near to the train station . 
International airports 
those whos arrival at international airports can take assistance at the international airport about Amritsar you 
you can take a Mercedes Volvo bus from international airport straight to the Amritsar then opt for your hotel as 
per your need and budget in my opinion talk to some travel agent before your arrivals so that things can be 
managed properly . 
Domestic connectivity
Domestic connectivity is perfect . 
4. Reaching Amritsar By air  By train By road
Essay way for the entire traveler community if you opt for a flight this is the best way to reach Amritsar , 
if you have some time then opt for by train and bus services are also wonderful now a days .  
5. Navigating Amritsar
Check your Map if you Carry it but its not to big so navigation is not the concern .
Local transportation options
local transportation is system is too advanced and you will enjoy your journey before coming check some videos .
Accommodations near the Golden Temple
Accommodation is ample of hotels you can find near the Golden temple also near train station and near to the airport also . 
6. Entering the Golden Temple
Before entering the Golden temple you need to follow some rules and regulations you have to take an orange color turban  for covering your head and put your shoes to the shoes rack later wash your hands .
Dress code and etiquette white kurta pajama is the best dress code for men’s and for ladies they can wear suits before entering the temple premises . 
Security checks
Security is the first priority before entering you will find so many cameras all across the area always you will find 
in the entire area Gurudwara sewak always standing at the entrance gate . 
7. Exploring the Golden Temple 
Many things to see inside the temple premises , like golden temple water pond with lots of fishes in the entire area so many places for blessings . 
Key attractions within
Religious ceremonies and rituals their are certain rituals like always take Prasad am before entering the temple for blessings their are certain gurbanis always  you will find out their in golden temple . 
8. Dining at the Langar
you can dine out take prasad with lunger at the Gurudwara organized by the prabandhak committee . 
Understanding the Langar
lunger is prasad am with roti and dal and some sabji you need not to throw any food served in your plate that’s 
the necessity . 
Partaking in the communal meal
This is a common people for every one those who need it they can eat this lunger N-Number of times .
9. Shopping for Souvenirs
If you wants to purchase any kind of soverniers you can purchase so many banners of golden temples available soverniers available for golden temple 
wahae guru ji , rings bangles Kara etc. .  
Bazaars and shops near the temple
So many shops all kinds of fooding stuff like Chur Chur naan , scarfs , caps , banners , etc. 
10. Interacting with Locals
The locals people speaks in a Punjabi language some times its difficult to understand such language for foreign nationals but they have the 
translators with them during their tour plan. 


Punjab is a province where the golden temple is situated. We have the Jallianwala Bagh museum our freedom fighters gallery available newly developed and the Wagah border and the Punjabi foodstuff. These are the main attraction of Amritsar you must visit it once in your lifetime.

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