Dhanaulti Best way to reach @Rs100

Dhanaulti Best way to reach @Rs100  the peaceful hill station in north India lush green atmosphere in summer’s coolest place, so people like to stay longer in Dhanaulti at a height of 2286 above sea level best time to visit Dhanaulti, is March – November. if you want to stay in the snow then the best preferable time is December – February roads are very slippery internal villages are full of snow so sometimes very difficult to reach the hotels so it’s better to avoid it in winter.

How to reach Dhanaulti hotels:

The best way to reach Dhanaulti is by regular Dehradun Shatabdi from New Delhi which runs every day take a cab from Dehradun railway station taxi will charge Rs 2000/- to drop you at Dhanaulti if you opt for a local bus or cabs they will charge Rs 100- 200. location Dehradun railway to Mussoorie 30 k.m from Mussoorie to Dhanaulti just 30 k.m. nice total 60 k.m.  way hills lush green trees white mountains in winters rocky mountains in summers. it will take 03 hours from dehradun to reach your destination Dhanaulti crossing small shops small hills sometimes uphill and downhills rocky mountains as you proceed further you will be more near to the nature with a smell of lush green trees and hill crossing your body your mind it feels like a magnetic atmosphere that sooths my soul crossing and crossing just stopping in the middle of my travel some  new cafes providing best coffee and tea with their hot cattle making us more prompting towards it .

Dhanaulti hotels

Dhanaulti fooding:

The best food to eat in places like Dhanaulti is dal rice with desi ghee super hot, Maggi the best option, then chicken and muttons lovers can enjoy more at this much height those to love to take hot soups tea coffee lovers have many options since the Dhanaulti is small a small village so no much cafes available you can plan at your hotel but you can get the best food as per your need. when we talk about the food its the basic aspect of human to have food of different kinds hill stations are the places where we can enjoy the best food that makes our soul more relaxed hill station best food Maggi points always what i am looking at more over non veg is my second priority you will get fresh meat at hill stations mutton is the second best priority with hot chapatis and find some good dhaba where you can get more delicious food stuff of your need .

Dhanaulti hotels

Dhanaulti hotels options:

There are not too many options in Dhanaulti hotels rates start from Rs 500 it goes to the 5000/- range I personally stayed at hotel apple orchid resorts such resorts are hotel dhanaulti view, hotel https://www.booking.com/city/in/dhanaulti.en.html you can find more hotels on booking.com we have options of stay at camping n number of campings available here at Dhanaulti hotels. We have options but not much in dhanolti but still you will find some good properties on near by hills some good luxury camping also available at a glance . hotel dhanolti is a nice option with in a budget  must prefer it its a clean new hotel you can try this one you can contact on our vlog also for best rates .

In my opinion Dhanaulti is the best small village to explore near Mussoorie so must visit this destination and if you cross this village then the next one is kanatal just more 30 km. beyond Dhanaulti too many options available for stay at camping’s here don’t miss this place if you miss you will regret more cool place to stay too much rains in summers so keep your clothing accordingly to get protected from temperature .

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