Canada to the USA by road an exposure or the best road tour plan (2023)

Wao greyhound buses from Canada to USA. I book my tour from Canada to the USA by a bus greyhound. It takes around 08 hours to reach. It’s easy and simple just book online tickets and pack your bags go to the bus station in Toronto to catch the bus to USA new jersey. Buses are comfortable and have reclining seats which makes my tour more comfortable and easy. One the surrounding are so beautiful but important thing please take Tim Horton’s coffee. If you are going to the USA because you will not get even a single Tim Hortons counter in the USA.

Let’s start our journey from Canada to USA by road with an exposure or road tour plan

Once we started our journey from Toronto to the USA the first halt was Niagara falls. Just two hours drive from Canada to the USA for a passport check. Everyone has to get down off the bus and get their passports stamped all baggage checked and scanned properly then they release you. It’s a very strict province the border security forces are on their task and working hard day and night with amazing security no lapses. They charge 18 USD per adult for stamping fees too and from not bad.

Reach Pen Station

Canada to the USA by road an exposure or the best road tour plan

So the temperature was osam as we cross through the way sometimes. its fogish some time clean atmosphere outside as we were going near to the new ark. it was all a hilly area in the middle of the night but once we enter the USA. It was amazing its flag itself reflects the smell yes. We have reached new jersey and now entering the world of possibilities the next morning. We reached new jersey my friend was waiting for us at the pen station.


It’s easy and simple to go to new jersey by bus grey hond buses are comfortable. It is the best way flight is the other option but if you want to feel the surroundings so you must travel by bus thanks for reading my blog hare Krishna.

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