the best time to visit Kashmir (2023)

kashmir the valley of peace 
The best time to visit Kashmir is any time around the year i should say there is no specific time to visit Kashmir you can avoid extreme winter rest you can visit around the year. there are four seasons summers, spring, winters, and autumn.
When We talk about Kashmir it resembles a beautiful, peaceful area on the globe. Very nice and beautiful Kashmir if we talk about the surroundings of Kashmir it comprises Srinagar the city center, Sonmarg where the Amaranth Yatra helicopter flies off in summer from June, July, and August then comes Pahalgaon the beautiful place with a lush green atmosphere in the surrounds lakes and apple orchids, Gulmarg is said to be mini Switzerland with gondola rides up and down two phases which should be pre-booked, then comes Usmarg beautiful place I like this place the most this place comprises of colleges and schools boardings and some universities.

Jammu Kashmir tourism huts

You will find Jammu Kashmir tourism huts here nice place to stay here in Usmarg, last but not least Doodah Patri awesome place to visit with a beautiful landscape and lush green atmosphere. The beauty of Dal Lake is adorable no one can even imagine Dal Lake the floating market in Dal Lake is like an amazing experience and staying at the house boat with all meals plan ghat 12 is good to stay is just opposite Nehru Park.
Srinagar food red meat is a famous foodstuff in the entire Kashmir, Kashmiri Kahwa which makes our digestion stronger, Kashmir is famous for apple orchids, dry fruits like Kishmish, Badam Giri, kaiju, and many more. Kashmir is famous for wood cricket bats that’s very important those who are cricketers can purchase fresh wooden cricket bats from here.

Amarnath Yatra starts from Srinagar Pahalgam or Sonmarg

Amarnath Yatra starts from here Srinagar Pahalgam or Sonmarg will share the full details about it. So many lakes here in the entire area with lush green trees. Kashmir has its own tourist huge market of dry fruits winter clothes, carpets, cricket bats, Kashmiri Kahwa, and many wooden crafts items used in exports. Kashmir is a famous tourist spot with many hotels and restaurants of all categories, cabs are available 24x 7 at the Srinagar taxi stand flights are also available from all destinations across India.


Best Time to Visit Kashmir in 2023

best time to visit Kashmir (2023)
Explaining the different seasons and their suitability for visiting. The best time to visit Kashmir is any time around the year i should say there is no specific time to visit Kashmir you can avoid extreme winter rest you can visit around the year. there are four seasons summers, spring, winters, and autumn. all three seasons are suitable.

New Delhi to Kashmir 2023

if you are flying from Kashmir to New Delhi then the best option is the Indigo flight at around 05:00 a.m. It takes just 45 minutes to reach Srinagar from New Delhi but sometimes in extreme winters it becomes really difficult for flights to land on a runway which already happened to one of my clients they were a honeymoon couple boarded in the month of February from New Delhi but flight landing was so difficult to land at Srinagar airport so flight comes back to New Delhi, it was a disappointment they again tried with the same flight in march things went good for them.
It really depends on which part of the city you are boarding from Kashmir. The most important thing is in winter the price of air tickets are little bit cheaper in winter instead of summer and other months of the year. Summer season is always an expensive affair’ to travel to Kashmir if you are traveling by road then it’s okay. Flight prices are a little bit on the higher side but the attraction of Kashmir is in summer also what a beautiful Kashmir is.

Jammu highway to the Srinagar

If you travel by Road it will take 5 hours from Jammu highway to the Srinagar taxi stand you can come by train to Udhampur and Jammu from the train station you can get a local transfer taxi which takes just 900 Rs per person a club taxi will drop you at the taxi stand Srinagar our government of India have developed so many tunnels which makes your way more essay to reach Srinagar and the way is so beautiful like an international highway. Autam season is good for visiting Kashmir because it’s a little bit colder than normal days trimmings from Oct till November you will find different flowers all together in Kashmir. 

Visiting Kashmir in spring

I know about Kashmir since I have visited Kashmir many times as working in the tourist industry we participate in the Amarnath yatra During this period two seasons are covered in Kashmir which starts from March till August cool breeze in the air lush green mountains cool breeze in the entire area some times’ sunny atmosphere nice whether in surroundings

The best time to visit is in Srinagar

The best time to visit is in Srinagar
The best time to visit is in Srinagar and other surrounding areas floating market is the best attraction spot in the evening and early morning you get many items at the floating market and other attractions.

The Charm of Tulip Season

The best time for tulips is from March to April end The government of Kashmir organizes a tulip festival in Kashmir organizing such festivals it promote local Kashmir tourism and the people who are coming across India and the globe to participate in such events. During such time number of tourists is huge so it is really the best time to promote the tulip festival across Kashmir.

Shikhara Rides on Dal Lake

Shikhara ride in Kashmir is a unique experience It’s a great adventure living your self lifetime in shikhara how people manage their life in the houseboat in Dal Lake is too expensive also some people have their houses in the back of the houseboat. 

luxury shikhara price

There are n-number of shikhara owners in Dal Lake before coming to Dal Lake it should be pre-planned where you have to make your stay in a deluxe shikhara or super deluxe shikhara or luxury shikhara price range starts from  4000 Rs – 9500 Rs per cabin per night it depends which shikhara you need to book with the agent or direct by shikhara owner.

Food available in Shikhara

Fooding let’s talk about the food available in Shikhara the best part is you will get all meals bed tea breakfast and dinner in all the shikhara, and the most important part is your pick up and drop from different ghat is included in the package you need not to make the payment again and again. The floating market is the best market for handicrafts, jewelry, and corn-eating out, floating in water makes people happy about the place where shakes are also available.

best time to visit Kashmir

Srinagar is a beautiful place

Srinagar is a beautiful place in India. The place is very important for every Indian. It’s my second house nice and wonderful place always love to write about Srinagar. It has become my second home town as my number of visits has increased. Every year and year due to the Amarnath yatra.

I always think about the Amarnath Yatra. I did it many times by helicopter only walking. I won’t be able to get an opportunity to do this yatra. But one of my colleagues was a lucky chap to do this yatra many times by trek. So our small story starts in the year 2011.

New Delhi to Srinagar

We started our visit to Srinagar we had to take a train from New Delhi to Jammu. Then the real tough journey starts from Jammu to Srinagar by a local cab. Which takes approx. 8 hours to reach that place very tough journey by cab. But after three years of regular visits. It has become our habit since we entered Srinagar in 2011. We were at the top of the hotel. We got a room at the top of the building a corner room hotel nice one in Srinagar.

Hotel Dal Lake

A nice hotel centrally located just 5 minutes walk down from Dal Lake the owner of the hotel was so nice all the facilities provided. So we are least bothered so we have huge groups traveling with us every year we are the leaders. We have to plan everything ourselves we have just given the file rest some of the things are handled by our office.


Summer Delights in Srinagar

Attractions and experiences during the summer months Coming summer holidays is an exotic destination in Srinagar because of its different temperatures time rains in different parts of Kashmir if you travel to Gulmarg you will find so many unpredictable monsoons every time it can change any moment of time, especially in summers.
It’s really mind-soothing clouds come down with rain so many pony riders waiting for their turn to get their customer they generally charge Rs 1300 to 1800 approx. you can find a gondola ride also which will cost you Rs 1000 approx. for phase 01 and it will cost Rs 2000 in total for phase- 02. It is a request to everyone kindly kindly make a prebooking for it online prebooking tickets for a gondola ride can be booked through your agent in advance. 

Doodh Patri in Kashmir

let’s talk about Doodh Patri it’s an unexplored destination in Kashmir that must visit it it looks like Switzerland’s nature has made Doodh Patri a place where you would like to travel again and again. Usmarg what a new unexplored destination must visit Usmarg but must go for a halt at least two night
if you are a nature lover you would love to capture a few memories with your camera I must recommend this place to stay not many options for stay you will find Jammu and Kashmir tourist huts here Food is the best i tried vegan Kashmiri Kadoo was the best and delicious best vegan food here. Sonmarg, Pahalgam has many more destinations to explain for summer destinations across the entire Kashmir. 

Houseboat stay

Houseboat stay is always the best place and option to stay for a night in Kashmir don’t miss it kindly come on pre-booking to explore more I have chosen a houseboat Cliff Mount houseboat near Nagin Lake the most luxurious and expensive house in town another we have many more options like California group of the house boat. 
The best part of staying in a houseboat is we get all meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner all meals you get a chance to see the sun rise and sun set with hot tea on your houseboat balcony what a relief from the city. I must recommend if you a travel blogger or a family group of people are traveling to Srinagar must stay at least one night or two nights as per your preferences. 

Gulmarg – The Meadow of Flowers

Gulmarg is said to be the Switzerland of India its a place famous for flowers and skiing too much snow at this place in the month of November till February. Flowers landscape all across the valley in summer so you will feel like you should never go back to your place where you come from city life and Gulmarg life are totally different.
I got a chance to stay in Jammu and Kashmir huts which’s a relief Everything is available book a two-bed cottage with a kitchen you can make your own food in this kitchen and two separate washrooms these cottages stood on two wooden planks huge wooden plank structure all covered in the lush green atmosphere all beautiful flowers across makes the feel like we are in the middle of valley of flowers. It’s my humble advice to each and every person who going through my vlog 
if you are looking for the best package I can guide you. You can comment or send me mail on

What makes autumn special in Kashmir

The Autumn Season is a transition phase that changes the temperature from monsoon to winter little bit humid at that particular time in the month of august little cool breeze in the morning and evening right time to travel to Kashmir temperature starts dipping down slowly and slowly to minimum best time to visit Kashmir. The Surrounding area is mainly visited by local tourists and tourists from other parts of India and abroad just because of the landscapes and lush green atmosphere all around.

The Enchanting Chinar Trees

Chinar trees play a very vital role in Kashmir the presence of this jungle safeguards Kashmir from natural calamities as cities have played a vital role in pollution cutting of trees makes a concert jungle so what we give to nature returns back to us so nature knows very well how to tackle the humanity but if we talk about in-depth about chinar trees said to to be majestic trees found in the landscape in the entire valley of Kashmir, its also said to be a bonnie tree. The majestic chinar tree also called a bonnie tree in local Kashmir as I said earlier is a symbol of the valley and signifies the heritage of Kashmir valley.

Adventure in Pahalgam

Pahalgaon is the major attraction part in Srinagar as it is important and symbolizes the apple orchids. pahalgaon is a village where the Amarnath yatra starts every year those who are traveling to the Amarnath yatra start from Pahalgaon the major part of Kashmir we have so many activities like river rafting, trekking, hiking, paragliding, helicopter rides aerial shoots can be taken from here.
When the Amarnath yatra starts in the month of July and August this place is too rushed all the walking people who will do the pedal yatra will assemble here to show their registration for the next basecamps like Pahalgaon – Chandanvadi – Sheshnag – Pavitra Gufa – baltal return via summary. It’s worth visiting Pahalgaon the major attraction is Aaroo Valley Betab Valley in Pahalgaon you can go by horse or pony available. 

Winter Wonderland in Kashmir

The magic of Kashmir during the winter season. Thank you, god, for Kashmir being an important part of incredible India. I would rather say Kashmir is beautiful on each front its lush green atmosphere all across white Kashmir with full of snow is like a white bedsheet all over Kashmir srinagar city area is all covered with dynamic speard like a white cheese on the city skiing is available in Gulmarg tourist event are going on to attract customers those who are willing to so skiing in the mountain area.
There are special events organized by the tourism board in Kashmir life is a little bit hectic also conditions in extreme but I would suggest planning for this tour to Srinagar Kashmir in winter with your family and friends. Do not miss your visit to Srinagar in winter if you need hotel options and cab options or an entire package for it then 
 contact us and write us an email about it. 
Snow-Covered Srinagar; white snow covered the entire Kashmir making it a special and unique tourist spot for all travelers those who want to make a blog about it or photographers who want to capture special photoshoots. Pre-book your hotel and flights during the snow season which starts from Dec mid till February end. 
right time I must say book your entire package for the White Srinagar visit. 

Travel in Srinagar in the Local Area

Kashmir (Srinagar) in India is a unique and best or peaceful place

We were happy to travel in Srinagar locally and sometimes by boat cross Dal Lake every day. We have one friend the boat owner became our friend. And he tries to support us every time in cross the river at ghat number 07. He is always there at our services and same. We have some of the transporters always there to help us 24 x 7.


Taxi services in the entire Srinagar

Whenever we need any kind of taxi services in the entire Srinagar. They are ready to help us out so our journey starts as the day progresses. And more clients are increasing day by day. Sometimes we have to provide the chopper tickets to the guests. We have to provide tea parties on Shikara and sometimes people have their sightseeing uncovered. We always were on duty and doing some tasks but it was wonderful.


The most beautiful part of Srinagar

We were always busy with the guests and the most beautiful part of Srinagar was the summary. I personally stationed there maximum times for departure and arrival of the guests people are looking for choppers. Some people are missing some are latecomers some never return. It happens its most tough Yatra but anyway.


It’s a peaceful place

We managed the show I got a camping stay or we can say a long stay in summary that’s really impressive. It’s a peaceful place to stay camping is like you are a super leader and the nature surrounding is peaceful perfect for meditation nice place. I stay all my tourist guide journey. I have hundreds of opportunities in life so Kashmir is always my best and favorite place to live here.

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Kashmir is the best city in India a cool place. Everyone should visit Kashmir without failure the best part of Kashmir. I liked the most is that Sonmarg and Gulmarg both are said to be mini Switzerland. If you visit in the month of October white Kashmir visit Kashmir.

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When is the best time to see cherry blossoms in Kashmir?

The best time to travel the entire of Kashmir is in summer, in my opinion, everyone has their own opinion about I t  because of its temperature people can travel in summer because of the school holidays kids the main time from April till July mid lots many thing’s to explore like sonmarg, Gulmarg gondola ride available Doodh Patri, usmarg, pahalgaon any many destinations new and upcoming also. 

Is it safe to visit Kashmir during winter?

Yes, it is safe with caution winters are really at their extreme sometimes patients with asthma or some major disease should avoid traveling or on their doctor’s advice winters are the most amazing time to travel to Srinagar now its safe so there need to worry about travel just pack your bags book your flight tickets and travel to entire Kashmir.

What are the famous local dishes to try in Kashmir during summer?

The major dishes available in Kashmir are mutton, chicken vegan available best vegan dishes like Kashmiri aloo, Kashmiri kadoo, Rogan josh, dish yakhni or yoga lamb curry, Kashmiri Mauji Gaad, Ghoshtaba, Ghost much more. 

Can I go trekking in Kashmir during the monsoon season?

Not advisable in the rainy season if still you wanna go trekking then with preauction. 

Are there any cultural festivals to attend in Kashmir during autumn? 

Yes, there are so many tourist cultural events organized by the tourism board and other groups also those who have full focus on tourism increase in the valley. The major festival is the shikhara race on Dal Lake is which major event happens in Srinagar, The shikhara owners who participate in this shikhara race decorate their shikhara very well with lots of flowers all around Shirkara and participate in this event tourists are attracted to all such events in the entire valley. 


What clothing should I pack for a winter trip to Kashmir?

As we are talking about Kashmir clothing, especially for winter you need to have special jackets through which you can secure yourself self you need to have gloves, woolen caps hats, and woolen socks because of temperature is too low it can go to minus extreme winter that I have seen in Canada also, you need to carry umbrellas also sometimes rains in winters can change the entire atmosphere its too slippery long leather shoes are also acceptable in snow or we can say it snow shoes long coats with scarf woolen one your medicines if any because you won’t get any medicine intake if any crab brandades must keep it ointments if any inner wears inner warmers. 

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