7 Wonders of the best Agra Taj Mahal

Agra Taj Mahal is a special place for those who have willing to know about the history of this place. Why do we visit the taj mahal? Why do we need to come again and again to the taj mahal? It’s a place built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan house of the tomb for his favorite wife Mumtaz mahal. Taj mahal’s entire work was completed in the year 1653 at an approximate cost of Rs 70 billion. This project comprises around 20000 artisans under the guidelines of a board of architect-led by the court architect of emperor ustad Ahmed Lahori.

The Yamuna in Agra

Taj Mahal was designated as a Unesco world heritage sight in 1983 for being a jewel in a museum of art in India. It is a masterpiece of a world heritage site best example of Mughal architecture. Lush white taj mahal is a unique tomb its structure is a heavily built strong foundation with four huge pillars at the four corners. Which shows its stability of it.

7 Wonders of the best Agra Taj Mahal

It’s on the bank of river Yamuna in Agra a big city in Uttar Pradesh in India. I normally visit it twice a year because of its lovely story. Why it’s made whom it’s made by why this particular place used to build this tomb the kings of that. The arena was so rich what was their lifestyle how did they use the people at that time. So for that, you have to visit the taj mahal.

Taj Mahal was different in the daytime and nighttime

I start from my home point it takes just 3 hours to reach Agra for the Taj Mahal. The city of palaces earlier was embossed with diamonds. So the shinning of taj mahal was different in the daytime and nighttime today. Also if we visit the taj mahal its pics in the daytime and early morning pics are outstanding. You can not believe it taj mahal surrounds by one more fort near it.

Agra Hotel

7 Wonders of the best Agra Taj Mahal

In the Agra fort, there are many hotel options near the Taj Mahal. I normally stay at hotel taj villas Agra. it’s at Feroz shah road 3-star hotel with all modern amenities in it with a good restaurant and swimming pool. All the hotels near to taj mahal are osam the best time to visit taj mahal for me. It’s any time but for foreign nationals, it’s around September till Feb end. So I normally take a guided tour because of my deep knowledge of the taj mahal. I recommend this place twice a year if you are nearby and for foreign nationals at least twice in their lifetime.



Taj Mahal is the best place to visit any time you will get knowledge about king Shah Jahan. How much he loves his wife that he makes a billionaire tomb for her twice. A year is recommended in my opinion must take a guided tour that’s very important because if you go to the taj mahal and don’t get any information. So pls try to visit again and again if you can.

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