Mythology of Cow Blessings in Hindu Culture (2023)

Cow Savers Samarpan Gaushala ; Govardhan parvat : 

Mythology of cow blessings in Hindu culture, So Cow safety is our first priority in life. As we are aware that in Hindu mythology cow is not a god. But the cow is the mother of all the gods. We have seen our constitution of India mandates the protection of cows is our first priority. Cow slaughter is banned in 14 states completely it is completely banned in six states. While there are no restrictions in many states we have the cow safety act in our country Samarpan Gaushala has come up to save the cows.

How to Reach Govardhan par vat Near Vrindavan ?

If If we start our travelling from Delhi Vrindavan it will take approx. 03 hours from Vrindavan it takes just half an hour  to reach the place Samarpan gaw shalla its a trust those who take care of around 700 – 900 cows in their Gaushala  its take care by pujniayae Sanjeev Thakur jee his dedication and education about Hindu culture and Grantham is amazing . you can watch him on social media broad cast on Astha channel sharing his thoughts about cows and  How to take care of him at each step . why we should pray them and take care of them . 

First time meet  Sanjeev Thakur jee in Ontario Canada , what a bright face he have young gurus in just their 30 s looks were fascinating first impression was outstanding we meet in  Scarborough temple in  Canada . that was our first meet in 2016 in this temple he used to have a Pravachan about Krishna lord Krishna stories  our family first interaction . 

Hw have so many followers on his Youtube channel and other social media . when I got back to India i got an opportunity to meet him personally at Govardhan at their Ashram we went their for the first time my mother and we all were influenced by their preaching .at personals level i saw how they take care of so many cows and their fooding   


Mythology of cow blessings in Hindu culture: Why do cows have a special place in our Hindu culture in India?

Mythology for the cow in Hindu culture in our country cow is presumed to be a god there are people in India. Who makes one chappati every morning for cow and people have faith in the cow, that we get blessings. I do such activity on daily basis it protects your family and generations cow cannot speak. But they have full sense people of the country know about the cow respect

Why do cows get special treatment in India?

cow always has a special place in our hearts. As we are aware of the fact. India is a huge country with n-numbers of cows. We have to save each cow. I went to a gaushala a cows saver place near Govardhan Mathura Vrindavan at gaushala. The total no of cows was 580 named samarpan gaushala at Govardhan. Mythology for the cow in Hindu culture trusty Shri Sanjeev Thakur Ji running this gaushala. He is handling around 580 cows that were saved by his organization.

Mythology of Cow Blessings in Hindu Culture (2023)

People come and donate to this cow gaushala. They have to make all the arrangements, like cows chappati and gur, and other eatable items every day so huge gaushala. I love to go there again and again and donate some medicines for cows. The best part of this gaushala is they treat the cow as a mother god. They have a schedule for morning and evening aarti.


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So cow safety is our first priority in life there are people in India. Who all worship cows they are mother god and samarpan gaushala taking care of so many cows. At once and cow slaughter is banned in India. Cow protection is on high priority it is crime in Indian mythology for cows in Hindu culture. So my humble advice to all my readers pls become a cow savers in India. Connect with us for more info.

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