“Divine Serenity: Exploring Kedarnath – A Spiritual Haven Amidst Himalayan Majesty 2024 “

“Divine Serenity: Exploring Kedarnath – A Spiritual Haven Amidst Himalayan Majesty 2024 “

Kedarnath Religious Place

If you are planning a pilgrimage to the holy shrines of Kedarnath and Badrinath in 2023? Discover the best routes and Kedarnath to Badrinath Distance to ensure a seamless journey. This comprehensive guide provides all the essential information you need for a spiritual adventure


Really when ever we talk about kedarnath it starlight takes us to Himalayas drive deep into the valleys and Himalayas in the arms of lord Shiva high hills total distance of  kedarnath from new Delhi will be around 296 k.m. distance which will be covered in 13 hours its a long distance but along with beautiful valleys and hills via road travel its a scenic beauty around.

The hills rivers flowing around both the end crossing some apple orchids and lush green atmosphere when sun shine it shines with a soothing breeze. its not a one day travel its a break journey with a halt in haridwar and gupt kashi that would makes more easier to travel across the Himalayas a hot tea coffee makes our ideas more strong towards the success of your journey till the end . Kedarnath is a town located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.

It is renowned for the Kedarnath Temple, one of the holiest Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is situated in the Garhwal Himalayas, near the Mandakini River an elevation of approximately 3,583 meters (11,755 feet) above sea level. Pilgrims and tourists visit Kedarnath, especially during the pilgrimage season, to seek blessings at the sacred temple.

The town holds religious significance and attracts devotees from various parts of India and around the world. Additionally, the scenic beauty and natural surroundings of Kedarnath make it a popular destination for trekkers and nature enthusiasts. IN 2013, the region faced a devastating natural disaster when heavy rainfall caused severe floods and landslides, leading to significant loss of life and infrastructure damage. The town and the temple were also affected. However, efforts have been made for reconstruction and restoration,
allowing pilgrims to visit the temple once again.



Embarking on a spiritual journey to the revered shrines of Kedarnath and Badrinath in 2023 is a dream come true for many devotees. These sacred destinations nestled in the Himalayas offer not only religious significance but also a breathtaking natural landscape. In this guide, we will explore the distances, routes, and everything you need to know to plan a memorable pilgrimage.

The state of Uttarakhand, also known as Dev Bhoomi (Land of the Gods), is home to several sacred shrines. Among them, Kedarnath and Badrinath hold a special place in the hearts of the faithful. These temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, respectively.

Kapat of kedarnath is already closed on 15th of November 2023 . the last day of Darshan is over in 2023 now again will reopen on 05th of may 2024 in summers so be prepared for it .

If you are searching for or have any planned for this kedarnath yatra you can contact us for the booking .

We have 03 nights and 04 days tour to only kedarnath 2024 haridwar to haridwar

We conduct 04 nights and 05 days tour to kedarnath 2024 Dehradun to Dehradun .

We conduct 05 nights and 06 days tour to kedarnath and Badrinath yatra Haridwar to Haridwar .


Preparing for the Sacred Journey

Before you set out on your spiritual adventure, there are essential preparations to consider you have to prepare your self in advance for such yatra . kedarnath yatra is a miraculous yatra of all time people use to travel for this yatra for blessings from om namah Shiva . This Gigantic mountains keeps a very important place in humanity specially in Hindus our cultural aspects  .



What to Pack for Kedarnath and Badrinath?

The major concern about this yatra is proper Packing appropriately  in your bags . Sure you have warm clothing, rain gear, sturdy walking shoes, and personal hygiene items torch , bandages , Umbrella , win chitters , small pithu bag , medicines  . Also, carry the necessary documents and permits. along with original Aadhaar cards .

The Significance of Kedarnath and Badrinath

Understanding the spiritual significance of these shrines will enhance your pilgrimage experience. Kedarnath is dedicated to Lord Shiva, while Badrinath is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. So in my opinion you must visit both the temple at once don’t thing about next time visit .

Kedarnath to Badrinath Distance 2023

The distance between Kedarnath and Badrinath is a common concern for pilgrims. In 2023, the approximate distance by road is around 220 kilometers. However, the actual distance can vary depending on the route you take .

Navigating the Route

To reach Badrinath from Kedarnath, you have several options. Here are some of the popular routes:

Route 1: Via Rishikesh

One of the most common routes is via Rishikesh. You can reach Kedarnath and Badrinath via this gateway. It offers well-maintained roads and beautiful scenic views lush green atmosphere in surroundings .

Route 2: Kedarnath to Badrinath Helicopter Service

For those seeking a more comfortable journey, helicopter services are available. This option is ideal for travelers with limited time or mobility issues.

Route 3: Trekking

If you’re an adventurous soul, you can trek from Kedarnath to Badrinath. This challenging journey is for the physically fit and requires proper equipment and guides.

Route 4: Char Dham Yatra Package

Opting for a Char Dham Yatra package can be a convenient choice. These packages offer a hassle-free pilgrimage experience, including transportation, accommodation, and food.

Best Time to Visit

To have the best experience during your pilgrimage, choose the right time to visit:

Summer Season

The summer season, from May to June, is the most popular time for pilgrims. The weather is pleasant, and the routes are generally open. so in my opinion must travel  during these months are mentioned above to avoid hassle free tour plan  for more information you can contact us Simon Singh +919911999803

Monsoon Season

Avoid visiting during the monsoon season (July to September) as heavy rains can lead to landslides and road closures.

Winter Season

The shrines are closed during the winter season (October to April) due to heavy snowfall. It’s not advisable to plan your trip during this time.


How long does it take to travel from Kedarnath to Badrinath by road?

The travel time can vary depending on the route and road conditions. On average, it can take approximately 8 to 10 hours.

Are there accommodations available along the way?

Yes, there are several guesthouses, hotels, and Dharamshala (pilgrim lodges) along the route for travelers. dont expect much on these routes you have the basic facilities available  like good camps are also available hot and cold water is available good vegan food is available on such yatra .

Can I hire a local guide for the trek?

Yes, you can hire local guides who are familiar with the trekking routes and can ensure your safety. Local Guide can always help you out during the trekking they know the better way how a person can survive in better way .

Are there medical facilities on the route?

Medical facilities are available at various points along the route, but it’s essential to carry basic first-aid supplies. Yes Indian Army camps for medical prompt support are always available at certain points of yatra . But i should say one must have a proper check up before leaving for such yatras because safety is our priority but one must take care of themself .

Is it safe to travel to Kedarnath and Badrinath in 2023?

The safety of your journey depends on several factors, including weather conditions. It’s advisable to check the latest updates and consult with local authorities before traveling. you a mobile in your hand must check a weeks temperature before leaving for this journey that’s an essay parameters for the travelling for such yatra .

Can I take my family on this pilgrimage?

Yes, families are welcome to undertake this spiritual journey. Ensure that all family members are physically fit and prepared for the trip.


Embarking on a pilgrimage to Kedarnath and Badrinath in 2023 is a soul-enriching experience. Plan your journey meticulously, choose the right time, and immerse yourself in the spirituality and beauty of the Himalayas. May your trip be filled with divine blessings and unforgettable memories. So in my opinion you must travel to kedarnath a spiritual journey for Hindu this yatra is really very famous must visit once in a life time .

kedarnath Journey is must for every Hindu once in his life time kedarnath darshan is a specials blessings to the person who is looking for spiritual learning . If you wants to book your tour to kedarnath then contact us for discounts and bookings .


the best time to visit Kashmir (2023)

kashmir the valley of peace 
The best time to visit Kashmir is any time around the year i should say there is no specific time to visit Kashmir you can avoid extreme winter rest you can visit around the year. there are four seasons summers, spring, winters, and autumn.
When We talk about Kashmir it resembles a beautiful, peaceful area on the globe. Very nice and beautiful Kashmir if we talk about the surroundings of Kashmir it comprises Srinagar the city center, Sonmarg where the Amaranth Yatra helicopter flies off in summer from June, July, and August then comes Pahalgaon the beautiful place with a lush green atmosphere in the surrounds lakes and apple orchids, Gulmarg is said to be mini Switzerland with gondola rides up and down two phases which should be pre-booked, then comes Usmarg beautiful place I like this place the most this place comprises of colleges and schools boardings and some universities.

Jammu Kashmir tourism huts

You will find Jammu Kashmir tourism huts here nice place to stay here in Usmarg, last but not least Doodah Patri awesome place to visit with a beautiful landscape and lush green atmosphere. The beauty of Dal Lake is adorable no one can even imagine Dal Lake the floating market in Dal Lake is like an amazing experience and staying at the house boat with all meals plan ghat 12 is good to stay is just opposite Nehru Park.
Srinagar food red meat is a famous foodstuff in the entire Kashmir, Kashmiri Kahwa which makes our digestion stronger, Kashmir is famous for apple orchids, dry fruits like Kishmish, Badam Giri, kaiju, and many more. Kashmir is famous for wood cricket bats that’s very important those who are cricketers can purchase fresh wooden cricket bats from here.

Amarnath Yatra starts from Srinagar Pahalgam or Sonmarg

Amarnath Yatra starts from here Srinagar Pahalgam or Sonmarg will share the full details about it. So many lakes here in the entire area with lush green trees. Kashmir has its own tourist huge market of dry fruits winter clothes, carpets, cricket bats, Kashmiri Kahwa, and many wooden crafts items used in exports. Kashmir is a famous tourist spot with many hotels and restaurants of all categories, cabs are available 24x 7 at the Srinagar taxi stand flights are also available from all destinations across India.


Best Time to Visit Kashmir in 2023

best time to visit Kashmir (2023)
Explaining the different seasons and their suitability for visiting. The best time to visit Kashmir is any time around the year i should say there is no specific time to visit Kashmir you can avoid extreme winter rest you can visit around the year. there are four seasons summers, spring, winters, and autumn. all three seasons are suitable.

New Delhi to Kashmir 2023

if you are flying from Kashmir to New Delhi then the best option is the Indigo flight at around 05:00 a.m. It takes just 45 minutes to reach Srinagar from New Delhi but sometimes in extreme winters it becomes really difficult for flights to land on a runway which already happened to one of my clients they were a honeymoon couple boarded in the month of February from New Delhi but flight landing was so difficult to land at Srinagar airport so flight comes back to New Delhi, it was a disappointment they again tried with the same flight in march things went good for them.
It really depends on which part of the city you are boarding from Kashmir. The most important thing is in winter the price of air tickets are little bit cheaper in winter instead of summer and other months of the year. Summer season is always an expensive affair’ to travel to Kashmir if you are traveling by road then it’s okay. Flight prices are a little bit on the higher side but the attraction of Kashmir is in summer also what a beautiful Kashmir is.

Jammu highway to the Srinagar

If you travel by Road it will take 5 hours from Jammu highway to the Srinagar taxi stand you can come by train to Udhampur and Jammu from the train station you can get a local transfer taxi which takes just 900 Rs per person a club taxi will drop you at the taxi stand Srinagar our government of India have developed so many tunnels which makes your way more essay to reach Srinagar and the way is so beautiful like an international highway. Autam season is good for visiting Kashmir because it’s a little bit colder than normal days trimmings from Oct till November you will find different flowers all together in Kashmir. 

Visiting Kashmir in spring

I know about Kashmir since I have visited Kashmir many times as working in the tourist industry we participate in the Amarnath yatra During this period two seasons are covered in Kashmir which starts from March till August cool breeze in the air lush green mountains cool breeze in the entire area some times’ sunny atmosphere nice whether in surroundings

The best time to visit is in Srinagar

The best time to visit is in Srinagar
The best time to visit is in Srinagar and other surrounding areas floating market is the best attraction spot in the evening and early morning you get many items at the floating market and other attractions.

The Charm of Tulip Season

The best time for tulips is from March to April end The government of Kashmir organizes a tulip festival in Kashmir organizing such festivals it promote local Kashmir tourism and the people who are coming across India and the globe to participate in such events. During such time number of tourists is huge so it is really the best time to promote the tulip festival across Kashmir.

Shikhara Rides on Dal Lake

Shikhara ride in Kashmir is a unique experience It’s a great adventure living your self lifetime in shikhara how people manage their life in the houseboat in Dal Lake is too expensive also some people have their houses in the back of the houseboat. 

luxury shikhara price

There are n-number of shikhara owners in Dal Lake before coming to Dal Lake it should be pre-planned where you have to make your stay in a deluxe shikhara or super deluxe shikhara or luxury shikhara price range starts from  4000 Rs – 9500 Rs per cabin per night it depends which shikhara you need to book with the agent or direct by shikhara owner.

Food available in Shikhara

Fooding let’s talk about the food available in Shikhara the best part is you will get all meals bed tea breakfast and dinner in all the shikhara, and the most important part is your pick up and drop from different ghat is included in the package you need not to make the payment again and again. The floating market is the best market for handicrafts, jewelry, and corn-eating out, floating in water makes people happy about the place where shakes are also available.

best time to visit Kashmir

Srinagar is a beautiful place

Srinagar is a beautiful place in India. The place is very important for every Indian. It’s my second house nice and wonderful place always love to write about Srinagar. It has become my second home town as my number of visits has increased. Every year and year due to the Amarnath yatra.

I always think about the Amarnath Yatra. I did it many times by helicopter only walking. I won’t be able to get an opportunity to do this yatra. But one of my colleagues was a lucky chap to do this yatra many times by trek. So our small story starts in the year 2011.

New Delhi to Srinagar

We started our visit to Srinagar we had to take a train from New Delhi to Jammu. Then the real tough journey starts from Jammu to Srinagar by a local cab. Which takes approx. 8 hours to reach that place very tough journey by cab. But after three years of regular visits. It has become our habit since we entered Srinagar in 2011. We were at the top of the hotel. We got a room at the top of the building a corner room hotel nice one in Srinagar.

Hotel Dal Lake

A nice hotel centrally located just 5 minutes walk down from Dal Lake the owner of the hotel was so nice all the facilities provided. So we are least bothered so we have huge groups traveling with us every year we are the leaders. We have to plan everything ourselves we have just given the file rest some of the things are handled by our office.


Summer Delights in Srinagar

Attractions and experiences during the summer months Coming summer holidays is an exotic destination in Srinagar because of its different temperatures time rains in different parts of Kashmir if you travel to Gulmarg you will find so many unpredictable monsoons every time it can change any moment of time, especially in summers.
It’s really mind-soothing clouds come down with rain so many pony riders waiting for their turn to get their customer they generally charge Rs 1300 to 1800 approx. you can find a gondola ride also which will cost you Rs 1000 approx. for phase 01 and it will cost Rs 2000 in total for phase- 02. It is a request to everyone kindly kindly make a prebooking for it online prebooking tickets for a gondola ride can be booked through your agent in advance. 

Doodh Patri in Kashmir

let’s talk about Doodh Patri it’s an unexplored destination in Kashmir that must visit it it looks like Switzerland’s nature has made Doodh Patri a place where you would like to travel again and again. Usmarg what a new unexplored destination must visit Usmarg but must go for a halt at least two night
if you are a nature lover you would love to capture a few memories with your camera I must recommend this place to stay not many options for stay you will find Jammu and Kashmir tourist huts here Food is the best i tried vegan Kashmiri Kadoo was the best and delicious best vegan food here. Sonmarg, Pahalgam has many more destinations to explain for summer destinations across the entire Kashmir. 

Houseboat stay

Houseboat stay is always the best place and option to stay for a night in Kashmir don’t miss it kindly come on pre-booking to explore more I have chosen a houseboat Cliff Mount houseboat near Nagin Lake the most luxurious and expensive house in town another we have many more options like California group of the house boat. 
The best part of staying in a houseboat is we get all meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner all meals you get a chance to see the sun rise and sun set with hot tea on your houseboat balcony what a relief from the city. I must recommend if you a travel blogger or a family group of people are traveling to Srinagar must stay at least one night or two nights as per your preferences. 

Gulmarg – The Meadow of Flowers

Gulmarg is said to be the Switzerland of India its a place famous for flowers and skiing too much snow at this place in the month of November till February. Flowers landscape all across the valley in summer so you will feel like you should never go back to your place where you come from city life and Gulmarg life are totally different.
I got a chance to stay in Jammu and Kashmir huts which’s a relief Everything is available book a two-bed cottage with a kitchen you can make your own food in this kitchen and two separate washrooms these cottages stood on two wooden planks huge wooden plank structure all covered in the lush green atmosphere all beautiful flowers across makes the feel like we are in the middle of valley of flowers. It’s my humble advice to each and every person who going through my vlog 
if you are looking for the best package I can guide you. You can comment or send me mail on shaktitravelsindia@gmail.com

What makes autumn special in Kashmir

The Autumn Season is a transition phase that changes the temperature from monsoon to winter little bit humid at that particular time in the month of august little cool breeze in the morning and evening right time to travel to Kashmir temperature starts dipping down slowly and slowly to minimum best time to visit Kashmir. The Surrounding area is mainly visited by local tourists and tourists from other parts of India and abroad just because of the landscapes and lush green atmosphere all around.

The Enchanting Chinar Trees

Chinar trees play a very vital role in Kashmir the presence of this jungle safeguards Kashmir from natural calamities as cities have played a vital role in pollution cutting of trees makes a concert jungle so what we give to nature returns back to us so nature knows very well how to tackle the humanity but if we talk about in-depth about chinar trees said to to be majestic trees found in the landscape in the entire valley of Kashmir, its also said to be a bonnie tree. The majestic chinar tree also called a bonnie tree in local Kashmir as I said earlier is a symbol of the valley and signifies the heritage of Kashmir valley.

Adventure in Pahalgam

Pahalgaon is the major attraction part in Srinagar as it is important and symbolizes the apple orchids. pahalgaon is a village where the Amarnath yatra starts every year those who are traveling to the Amarnath yatra start from Pahalgaon the major part of Kashmir we have so many activities like river rafting, trekking, hiking, paragliding, helicopter rides aerial shoots can be taken from here.
When the Amarnath yatra starts in the month of July and August this place is too rushed all the walking people who will do the pedal yatra will assemble here to show their registration for the next basecamps like Pahalgaon – Chandanvadi – Sheshnag – Pavitra Gufa – baltal return via summary. It’s worth visiting Pahalgaon the major attraction is Aaroo Valley Betab Valley in Pahalgaon you can go by horse or pony available. 

Winter Wonderland in Kashmir

The magic of Kashmir during the winter season. Thank you, god, for Kashmir being an important part of incredible India. I would rather say Kashmir is beautiful on each front its lush green atmosphere all across white Kashmir with full of snow is like a white bedsheet all over Kashmir srinagar city area is all covered with dynamic speard like a white cheese on the city skiing is available in Gulmarg tourist event are going on to attract customers those who are willing to so skiing in the mountain area.
There are special events organized by the tourism board in Kashmir life is a little bit hectic also conditions in extreme but I would suggest planning for this tour to Srinagar Kashmir in winter with your family and friends. Do not miss your visit to Srinagar in winter if you need hotel options and cab options or an entire package for it then 
 contact us and write us an email about it. 
Snow-Covered Srinagar; white snow covered the entire Kashmir making it a special and unique tourist spot for all travelers those who want to make a blog about it or photographers who want to capture special photoshoots. Pre-book your hotel and flights during the snow season which starts from Dec mid till February end. 
right time I must say book your entire package for the White Srinagar visit. 

Travel in Srinagar in the Local Area

Kashmir (Srinagar) in India is a unique and best or peaceful place

We were happy to travel in Srinagar locally and sometimes by boat cross Dal Lake every day. We have one friend the boat owner became our friend. And he tries to support us every time in cross the river at ghat number 07. He is always there at our services and same. We have some of the transporters always there to help us 24 x 7.


Taxi services in the entire Srinagar

Whenever we need any kind of taxi services in the entire Srinagar. They are ready to help us out so our journey starts as the day progresses. And more clients are increasing day by day. Sometimes we have to provide the chopper tickets to the guests. We have to provide tea parties on Shikara and sometimes people have their sightseeing uncovered. We always were on duty and doing some tasks but it was wonderful.


The most beautiful part of Srinagar

We were always busy with the guests and the most beautiful part of Srinagar was the summary. I personally stationed there maximum times for departure and arrival of the guests people are looking for choppers. Some people are missing some are latecomers some never return. It happens its most tough Yatra but anyway.


It’s a peaceful place

We managed the show I got a camping stay or we can say a long stay in summary that’s really impressive. It’s a peaceful place to stay camping is like you are a super leader and the nature surrounding is peaceful perfect for meditation nice place. I stay all my tourist guide journey. I have hundreds of opportunities in life so Kashmir is always my best and favorite place to live here.

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Kashmir is the best city in India a cool place. Everyone should visit Kashmir without failure the best part of Kashmir. I liked the most is that Sonmarg and Gulmarg both are said to be mini Switzerland. If you visit in the month of October white Kashmir visit Kashmir.

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When is the best time to see cherry blossoms in Kashmir?

The best time to travel the entire of Kashmir is in summer, in my opinion, everyone has their own opinion about I t  because of its temperature people can travel in summer because of the school holidays kids the main time from April till July mid lots many thing’s to explore like sonmarg, Gulmarg gondola ride available Doodh Patri, usmarg, pahalgaon any many destinations new and upcoming also. 

Is it safe to visit Kashmir during winter?

Yes, it is safe with caution winters are really at their extreme sometimes patients with asthma or some major disease should avoid traveling or on their doctor’s advice winters are the most amazing time to travel to Srinagar now its safe so there need to worry about travel just pack your bags book your flight tickets and travel to entire Kashmir.

What are the famous local dishes to try in Kashmir during summer?

The major dishes available in Kashmir are mutton, chicken vegan available best vegan dishes like Kashmiri aloo, Kashmiri kadoo, Rogan josh, dish yakhni or yoga lamb curry, Kashmiri Mauji Gaad, Ghoshtaba, Ghost much more. 

Can I go trekking in Kashmir during the monsoon season?

Not advisable in the rainy season if still you wanna go trekking then with preauction. 

Are there any cultural festivals to attend in Kashmir during autumn? 

Yes, there are so many tourist cultural events organized by the tourism board and other groups also those who have full focus on tourism increase in the valley. The major festival is the shikhara race on Dal Lake is which major event happens in Srinagar, The shikhara owners who participate in this shikhara race decorate their shikhara very well with lots of flowers all around Shirkara and participate in this event tourists are attracted to all such events in the entire valley. 


What clothing should I pack for a winter trip to Kashmir?

As we are talking about Kashmir clothing, especially for winter you need to have special jackets through which you can secure yourself self you need to have gloves, woolen caps hats, and woolen socks because of temperature is too low it can go to minus extreme winter that I have seen in Canada also, you need to carry umbrellas also sometimes rains in winters can change the entire atmosphere its too slippery long leather shoes are also acceptable in snow or we can say it snow shoes long coats with scarf woolen one your medicines if any because you won’t get any medicine intake if any crab brandades must keep it ointments if any inner wears inner warmers. 

Delhi to Kainchi Dham Distance

Neem Karoli Baba Influence Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Job

Discover the Delhi to Kenchi Dham distance and embark on a spiritual journey to this serene destination. Get insights, FAQs, and essential information for your trip.

Are you ready to explore the enchanting route from Delhi to Kenchi Dham? This blog will take you on a spiritual journey, offering valuable insights and answering your most pressing questions. Here’s everything you need to know about the Delhi to Kenchi Dham distance and more.

The Entire Journey comprises of 07 hours  10 minutes to reach kenchi Dham its a distance of 345 k.m.  There are so many ways to reach Neem karoli baba first way is by flight , taxi , train , bus service , Volvo bus service . it depends one would like to reach . let me explain the way  Delhi – Hapur – GarhGanga – Gajrola  – Amroha – Moradabad – Bilaspur – Rampur – kathgaudam – Bhimtal – bhowali – Kenchi Dham . Total 345 k.m. approx.  

You can find so many Rest rooms enroots on the way to kenchi Dham first halt will be at  Gajrola you will find KFC – Mc-Donald’s – Haldiram – Bikaner wale and number of food outlets on the main highway . second halt will be at Bilaspur you can take your lunch at Bilaspur . Third eat out will be Near to kathgaudam hidden leaf Café .Fourth point will be for tea in bhimtal . 

Train : If you are travelling by train you have to take Shatabdi from new Delhi to kathgaudam Shatabdi from train station you have to take a cab which can directly drive you till kenchi Dham it will take around  2.5 hours . 

Flight : if you are coming by flight the nearest airport is pant nagar from airport it takes around 2:10 minutes . 

By Volvo Bus : from Delhi you can take Volvo bus till kathgaudam from bus stand you will get one bus till kenchi Dham . 


The road from Delhi to Kenchi Dham is more than just a physical journey; it’s a spiritual quest for many. Located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand Near Bhowali , Kenchi Dham is a renowned ashram where seekers come to meditate, find peace, and connect with their inner selves. In this article, we’ll navigate the route, share personal experiences, and provide expert advice for a memorable trip.


Delhi to Kenchi Dham Distance

Delhi to Kainchi Dham Distance

Embarking on your spiritual journey, it’s crucial to understand the physical aspect. The distance from Delhi to Kenchi Dham is approximately 325 kilometers by road. This picturesque journey provides you with the chance to savor the natural splendor of Uttarakhand, transforming your pilgrimage into a spiritually enriching and visually captivating experience. On the way to neem karoli baba you will find so many lush green oaks trees on the way so many ashrams to stay .A flow of white river river shipra makes it more soothing if take a bath in river shipra all skin diseases can be rid off . 

The Enchanting Route

The journey from Delhi to Kenchi Dham can be both serene and awe-inspiring. To reach this sacred destination, you have two primary routes to choose from:

  1. Delhi to Kenchi Dham via NH9:
    • Starting from Delhi, take NH9 towards Hapur.
    • Continue on NH9 to Rampur.
    • From Rampur, head towards Rudrapur.
    • Drive through the serene forests of Uttarakhand to reach Kenchi Dham.
  2. Delhi to Kenchi Dham via NH534:
    • Begin your journey by driving from Delhi to Moradabad via NH534.
    • From Moradabad, take the route through Kashipur and Kaladhungi to reach Kenchi Dham.

What to Expect Along the Way

As you traverse from Delhi to Kenchi Dham, be prepared to be enchanted by the stunning landscapes. The abundant green landscapes, meandering pathways, and the soothing melody of rushing rivers combine to craft an atmosphere of serene tranquility.​ It’s a drive that allows you to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city and gradually enter a serene realm.

Packing Essentials

Before hitting the road, ensure you have the following essentials:

  • Adequate clothing to suit the weather conditions.
  • Comfortable walking shoes for exploring the ashram.
  • A backpack with water, snacks, and first-aid supplies.
  • A camera to capture the breathtaking views along the journey.
  • A spiritual mindset and an open heart.


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Q1: What is the best time to visit Kenchi Dham?

A: The best time to visit is during the spring and autumn months, from March to June and September to November in my opinion you can visit during the mentioned months that would be amazing . 

Q2: Is there accommodation available at Kenchi Dham?

A: Yes, there are guesthouses and ashram accommodations available for visitors . you can also opt for a camping site if you are a solo travelers if you are coming along with family and friends the best property i like the most is Amar valley resorts kenchi Dham . you can get many Ashrams for stay in near by places according to your budget . Bhowali is also good option near by for stay .

Q3: Are there any specific rules or guidelines for visitors?

A: Visitors are expected to maintain a quiet and respectful demeanor within the ashram premises. Photography is generally discouraged. Also if you are in the premises of temple you should not bring polybags banana there are hundreds of monkeys in surrounding area they can snatch your belongings . 

Q4: Can I visit Kenchi Dham for a day trip from Delhi?

A:  Sorry Not possible , a day trip is not-possible, but staying overnight is recommended for a more immersive experience in my opinion at least you should stay for 02 nights for meditation and more over you can also explore kakariki ghat where Swami Vivekananda visited for meditation must visit if you time . 

Q5: Are there any nearby attractions to explore?

A: Yes, you can visit the nearby towns of Nainital, Almora, and Ranikhet  ,Mukteshwar , Binsar for additional exploration .Gonju baba the Highcourt of all gods near chantey . 

Q6: What is the significance of Kenchi Dham?

A: Kenchi Dham is known for its spiritual significance, as it was visited by the renowned spiritual teacher Neem Karoli Baba .As we are aware of the real facts about neem karoli baba he have some specials powers Given by Hanumanjee and There were so many Big bussiness tycoons visited this place Like mark Zuckerberg , Steve jobs , our Indian Cricketers Virat Kohli and Anushka sharma just visited three months back . 


Embarking on the journey from Delhi to Kenchi Dham is not just about covering a physical distance; it’s about embarking on a spiritual quest. As you explore this beautiful route, you’ll experience the serene natural beauty of Uttarakhand and find inner peace at Kenchi Dham. Whether you’re a seeker or a traveler, this journey will leave an indelible mark on your heart and soul.

So, when you’re ready to discover the mystical charm of Kenchi Dham, remember that the Delhi to Kenchi Dham distance is just the beginning of a remarkable adventure. Safe travels!


Next Maha Kumbh Mela Date and Place

Dear friends next Maha Kumbh Mela will be held in 2025 in Pryagraj  Over 40 crores of devotion are expected in 2025. A budget sanctioned for this event is around 6800 crores by state and central government. A total of 4200 crores was spent on the 2019 Kumbh event still we have ample time to make it a success.

Where We Can Staying Next Maha Kumbh Mela

We have so many options to stay in a camp is the best option during the Kumbh Mela we have so many men originated camps available at the mela site, on the mela ground so let’s rest assured that the occupancy price range starts from 4500, 5500, 6500,8500 per room per night includes free Wi-Fi and breakfast, Toiletries pick up drop from Allahabad train station or airport is on extra charges so that you can contact us +919911999803 email us your details for pre-booking shaktitravelsindia@gmail.com, some camps sites are also available dormitory available for longer duration.

How to reach Maha Kumbh Mela ground?

when you plan Kumbh Mela you have ample options if you are coming within India we have so many options for trains and flights to Allahabad from New Delhi we have so many options available by train if you are traveling from overseas Europe, the USA Canada Australia, Newzealand or another part of the world booking your flight till new Delhi from new Delhi we will manage your booking.

Maha Kumbh Mela in Prayag:

Travel is my love and I am a professional travel consultant. When it was a lovely moment. I got a call from my office telling me to get ready for Allahabad. I received a PDF with a comprehensive description of a place I had never heard of. information about Allahabad’s voyage, which taught me and my college a fresh lesson about the Maha Kumbh, Harry was instructed to prepare for this trip and a new endeavor.

We had our paperwork and backpacks ready. You were both given the go-ahead from our office to spend the entire three months at a small town called Allahabad on the banks of three rivers. The emergence of a new vigor in my veins and the start of my thoughts turning to the varied work we were doing in our lives marked an exciting time in my life office. We were both travel consultants when our offices immediately informed us that your train tickets had been reserved. We have to look after roughly 1500 guests, who come from different nations and backgrounds yet have a similar trait.

Our team has to take care of each one of them without travel-related accommodation-related services. Our date was finalized both of us boarded the train which started from Anand Vihar train station in the evening and reached Allahabad the next day after noon our seats were booked in a seating chair car we were not comfortable. but we had to cross a full night and half a day. because the air condition of the train was too high.

We were wearing jackets that could not keep us chilled and the temperature outside was around 3 degrees temperature too cold we had tea many times with snacks it was like a nightmare we were just going through our files and list of guests checking their names and their date of arrivals because we have to arrange transportation services for them schedule was huge and big enough for us for two months approx. Finally, we reached Allahabad train station the real story starts from here when we reached our the afternoon our main destination Pragraj
we were too tired.


Train Station Pan shop at Allahabad.

We both came out of the train station and suddenly stopped at the Pan shop to enjoy Banaras’s famous PAN which is now famous in the world you can find some of the shops in Europe and North America USA where Indian stores are available. We can say Pan is a lifeline for Banaras and the entire Uttar Pradesh Pan is a famous mouth freshener for people who are addicted to it. Then our real journey started we took a tuk tuk and reached the main ghat Allahabad and walked down to our camping.

It was all a sandy walk and I cannot believe the arrangements made by the local government Maya Wati at that time made fabulous arrangements for the Kumbh Mela. We cannot expect such arrangements in such a desert place finally we saw river Ganga very next to me I put some water on myself and started walking again its holy water was so clear all across. We reached around 3:45 at our base camping crossing a village but all over it was the biggest Kumbh mela of all time.


The Ganges River peace and a Holy dip.

The Ganga river looked simply wide and huge you cannot even imagine the silence and flow of it I removed my bag from my shoulder removed my clothes and took a holy dip inside the river Ganga. it is a combination of three rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and Swaraswati what a place Allahabad amazing place to take a holy dip all tiredness is gone within a second.

In one straight dip in chilled water on a sunny afternoon. After half an hour we again walked towards our camping site with too heavy bags on our shoulders and tripods in our hands we just walked and crossed all the camps with saffron and color full pandals and religious music was keeping our minds more soothing and touching our heart which makes our walk slower pace. Once reaching our camp side we were relaxed had a cup of hot tea checked into our camp again a disappointment with our camp we got a last corner camp.

Camp Structure in Maha Kumbh Mela Ground

It was a muddy cottage with an English toilet The owner of the camp welcomed us Mr. johny nice man said if you need any kind of assistance or help you can call us. We said thanks to him and asked if any new guests arrived or not. he smiled and said to us just relax and take some rest. In the evening time, we met our new friend Ganesh who was the owner of a Canteen on the camp premises.

Camp Structure in Maha Kumbh Mela Ground

He offered us tea and coffee with some evening snacks we had and then gathered in the front reception area of our camp. we all were happy to meet Hymn because for daily food needs, he would assist us with food tea, and coffee then we met our new guests total of 08 guests from the UK, the USA, and Paris now the real journey starts about kummels. We made a group and started from our camp and moved towards.

Mela ground with all tripods and cameras on our shoulders and hands it was just a 5 k.m. walk with so many colorful camps all around We all walked on a sandy road across a pool of around 2 k.m. walk down and so many loudspeakers with chanting mantras of Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare hare hair bol, om namah shiva in some loudspeakers colors full atmosphere all around feels like a different island Quick Questions Arose in mind.


Guests with us had a small chit-chat between them they had ample questions about why this Kumbh mela happened ?, and why there was a need to conduct such a Kumbh mela in India? why did the Kumbh Mela happen in Allahabad? Why are media across the world coming to India for coverage? why do people come to these religious places? One by one we replied to all their answers best of our knowledge.

The amazing feeling from the bottom of my heart we saw many things so many small kids enjoying at the Ghats different sadhus and religious people doing their chanting. It was a first-day walk so we came back in the evening and had a hot dinner every night we had a born fire all our guests came and had a long exchange of thoughts from our different guests as the days progressed.

we had a bunch of people and new guest arrivals increased a lot at everyday crosses from time to time. we have got an opportunity to travel with so many new people our arrivals are increasing day by day we have to arrange for n number of vehicles for pick up and drops.

On Day 10 we were a little bit expert about the places and what we had to do take action of two of us went with the guests for a small tour and the other person was managing the local transportation from the airport and railway station. rush was really too much in Kumbh Mela.

Upcoming Maha Kumbh Mela in Pryagraj

As we have been learning day by day so many guests now added some professional photographers from all across the world to join our hands their main attractions was the mela ground to capture all the best photography worldwide and some media team all across the world to take the best footage for their channel one person I met he was from Guadeloupe, Paula and Hanna from uk, marc from Paris water brothers and many more they all have one concept tell the real story of Ganga Yamuna and Saraswati.

We have to wake up in the middle of the night around 3;30 a.m. to capture the best pictures said to be a mid-night shooting. The major concern was the main bathing dates of Kumbh Mela Shahi snans from Sadhus from their different akharas were the best attraction of this Kumbh Mela, for international guests we have arranged guest passes from the international media center.


Shahi Snans Dates

If you are aware of the Shahi Snans dates that are just before the arrival in Kumbh Mela every date has its own relevance to the Shahi Snans dates we have to try for the best spot for our guests those who have come from a long way to see this festival it looks like some festival happening in the heart of Ganga that was amazing it’s a great opportunity for those who are in a learning phase.

This Kumbh mela has put an impression in my life about the Nagga Baba how they act, and what they do we went many times with Nagga Babas 514:36 08-10-2023 in different akharas to find out why this Nagga Baba has become a Nagga why they use to live on the Himalayas why they always remain cloth less there were so many questions in my mind and my guests mind also they sir for many hours with Nagga babas to enjoy charas and ganja also, I have given n number of interviews during the Kumbh Mela by Water Brothers from Canada by Mark Sellier he won’t know English but he understands everything.


Why did this Kumbh Mela happen in Allahabad?

Next Maha Kumbh Mela Date and Place

Kumbh Mela was based on a mythological story about the fight between gods and demons it was a huge fight between the two and all the gods were involved in it then in the end they all decided to talk to lord Shiva. they took Mount Meru which was a very huge mountain, they put it in an ocean of the worlds and took a huge snake also, mythology is so special and colorful that they had to churn this ocean.

It is a pot of nectar so both gods and demons want to take that nectar At one end demons pull the string and other end god wants to pull the string to churn the mountain lots of poison comes down and drinks all the poison so that it does not harm anyone actually everyone needs pot nectar.  pot up next lord Vishnu also came sown proctor nectar was taken away from their few drops drop-down at different kumbh mela places   Haridwar, Nasik, Ujjain, and Allahabad were the major places of Kumbh Mela is held at each place .so this was the entire story of why this auspicious kumbh mela kumbh refers to a pot in which leaves are. it happens at every new home entry purchased.

Purna Kumbh Mela happens every 12 years and Ardhi Kumbh Mela happens every three years the Ardh Kumbh Mela happens every year depending on the lunar. After 144 years super huge Kumbh Mela will be held in Allahabad which I was lucky to attend.

The Kumbh Mela after 144 years

Some people come into your life for a short period but they become near to your heart. The Kumbh Mela Allahabad auspicious event happens once in 144 years according to the lunar calendar I was the lucky one to present there, and I am always ready to talk to Naga Baba. It is really hard to understand Nagga Baba they are unpredictable and can do anything some of the guests visiting Nagga Baba offer them Rs 500/ he put that note on the wooden plank and cut it into two pieces with his hammer one shocked at that time.

I was also shocked that Nagga Baba was not in a good mood at times they were so harsh if something happened but overall that’s the kind of attitude. Since they have to live at high altitudes with no resources nothing but I am not very aware of how these sadhus manage their lively hood one of my friend’s water brothers from Canada Alex and Tyflin make videos on water pollution and how we can save water on Earth that was the most interesting point of clean Ganga.

The drive has been going on for many years the dirty water comes from New Delhi to Kanpur then Kanpur to Allahabad then Varanasi. all the killing water garbage plastic materials are thrown in the river Ganges which leads to so many harmful diseases then the mixture of three rivers comes to a point same place Sangam. We went in the middle of the river the place where the three rivers meet Sangam and give the holy blessings to Sangam by small rituals. The major attraction of Allahabad is Ganga arti which is done every night and day on a regular basis.

Taking a dip there at Sangam was a mind-blowing evening back the camping we had a hot dinner at the camping had fixed spot after dinner we all sat together and discussed the points and exchanged different cultural talks with people from different parts of the world. We salute to Indian railways for their dedication and extra trains running at the time of the Kumbh Mela for the passengers traveling people all across the world. Indian railway worked day and night 24×7 for the Kumbh Mela all credit goes to top management who designed everything in such a way that people didn’t suffer they reached on time.

One day a stampede happened at Allahabad train station due to the excess rush so many people died in that incident very serious matter Kumbh Mela stopped for a time at that particular moment.

You have seen lots of enjoyment and a mixed blend of ups and downs marriages happen to like a dream if I remember one marriage which was attended by me as well In the marriage of a French couple according to the Hindu rituals the bride was ready for the groom was ready we attended the marriage with full heartedly dance too much in that marriage the barat started from our camping with huge loud music and reached the nearby temple and they both got married according to Indian mythology with Pandit doing all the rituals we had food also so these moments were never forgettable moments.

One incidence I remember three days before the final Kumbh Mela huge rain in the area which spoils the whole tents and the surrounding area the moment was really messed up some of the guests immediately ran away in the middle of the Kumbh Mela they just needed to leave this place because of the thunder and storms everywhere. there is water dust inside the camps Guests don’t want to stay over here for a second. It was the most difficult time but we managed it and destroyed so many camping sights huge loss to the vendors. it was really bitter and I remember the guests were running putting their luggage on their heads and just sitting in the car and going back to the airport in Delhi or other big cities.

I remember one thing in mind challenges will come in life it depends on how we tackle the situation That is very important again preparations started and all our guests were ready for a new task. their high-tech cameras were ready to take new clips and we all were mentally prepared.

Anything could happen anywhere so finally they came back home back to the office after a long duration of Two months was amazing my wife was pregnant at that particular moment so a new baby arrived at my home what a time it was I went back back home with happy memories in mind and better experience. to work more and more.

Tips things to carry before coming to Maha Kumbh Mela.

trekking shoes, slippers, your urgent medicines, torch, battery, umbrella, a string good quality, confirm camp booking, hat or a cap, confirm train tickets or flight booking and local cab booking.


The Maha Kumbh Mela was filled with memories and full-depth knowledge about life how it works how Nagga Baba works what their plans why did the Kumbh Mela happen again and again in Haridwar, Nasik, Ujjain, and Allahabad. I came around in interaction with 1,500 foreigners in 2013. That was a life achievement full of learning and a life-changing program came into my life. the main attraction, Alex and Tyflin Water Brothers Canada, Mark Seller Paris many such names whom I cannot forget some of the names I won’t remember also it was the biggest opportunity for me in my life. we waited for the closing ceremony of this Kumbh mela with so many akharas Nagga babas walking on the presentation day amazing experience. The 2025 Kumbh Mela will be held in Allahabad Maha Kumbh our government has sanctioned 68000 crores for the event going to happen soon we are eagerly awaiting that event.

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Which king started the organization of Kumbh Mela at Prayagraj?

Maharaja Harsh Vardhan started the association of Kumbh Mela at Allahabad in 644 BC. The name Kumbh derived from the undying pot of nectar which devatas and the devils battled about as depicted in antiquated Vedic sacred writings known as puranas. The Allahabad Kumbh is held after every 12 years at Allahabad. Ardh Kumbh is held every 06 years at the same place. The Four Places where the nectar was dropped were the Allahabad Kumbh Mela, the Haridwar Kumbh Mela, the Ujjain Samishtha Kumbh Mela, the Nasik Kumbh Mela the Tribkeshwar Kumbh Mela The main Ganges, Yamuna and, Saraswati that’s Sangam at Allahabad.


Kumbh Mela 2023 date and place?

The Allahabad Ardh maha kumbh mela will be held on 14th January 2023 on makarsakranti , 06 January push Purnima , 21 January 2023  mauni Amavasya ,  21 January  Basant Panchami , 05 February maghi Purnima .

The kumbh mela to be held  In Allahabad in prayagraj  on the bank of river Ganges  .

Kumbh mela kahan lagta hai?

The Kumbh Mela is like a  festival that happens in Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain, and Nasik Tribkeshwar at the interval of every 04 yrs at each destination with the participation of all the akharas and gurus Those who participate in this festival with high energy.

Why kumbh mela is celebrated?

The Kumbh Mela is celebrated according to ancient  Hindu Mythology, Lord Shiva releases the drops of immorality nectar carried in the Kumbh four main places where the Kumbh is celebrated Nasik, Ujjain, Haridwar, Pryagraj.

Next Kumbh Mela?

The next Kumbh Mela will be held in 2025.



Explore Niagara Falls Canada in 2023

Explore Niagara Falls Canada in 2023: Attractions, Dining, Weather, and Accommodation. Niagara Falls has great importance for the USA and Canada. As well fall is at the border of the USA and Canada surrounded by lush green jungle. I can say it’s like a small Disney land nice place to go again and again with family or friends. The best time to visit is any time I love to go in both seasons in winter. As well as summers winters have their relevance to enjoy in winters. A fall looks so huge and it’s the real fall and it’s huge a big fall Niagara. Falls winter light shows happen every day at night time.

Let’s start our Journey:

My visit was unplanned in winter. It was a day tour we started from our house early morning. We stopped our car at Tim Hortons for hot coffee cookies. And again restart our car it is 3 hour’s journey from Toronto we drive our car so fast with loud music. We reached within three hours there was full snow on both. The car was just moving fast and fast with winter tires on my car we all were excited to reach the temperature was around minus 18 chilling modes.

It was so cool outside once we got outside our car we were all packed up. But there’s a sound of breezes air coming on me regularly on my forehead. I was stuck when I got dropped off in my car.

Niagara Falls Canada is a hot destination in winter during minus (°C) temperatures:

The moment came, I was thrashed by air inside again but anyhow. I managed to come out in the parking. Lot oh my god, Now when we started walking on the snow with -18°C temperature that makes our nerves curdle. Someone says, does Niagara Falls freeze in winter. We managed to reach the center in the middle of Niagara Falls.

Explore Niagara Falls Canada in 2023

The mist of Niagara Falls with Canadas. Most ionic visitor experience we can get only in Niagara Falls. It is a gateway. the Skylon tower observation desk a trip to the top of the world-famous. Niagara Falls attraction combines an exhilarating 52-second ride with the awe of seeing Niagara from 775 feet. Above the mighty falls seriously killing the experience of all time.

Tim Hortons counter:

Now comes the real story of Niagara Falls in winter. It was so cool out we were just walking and walking. Then I found a Tim Hortons counter. I was more than happy to get a hot tasty coffee lifeline of Canada, with hash browns to inhale. My lungs and stomach have the energy. I lost and got regenerated seriously amazingly.

Now we can walk down in minus temperature.  We can say Niagara Falls in winter temperature. it was difficult for us to move in freezing snow. But we had to reach the falls so we again started our walking tour full of snow. During the walk, we were getting so much water due to the rain but still. We walked and reached our target which was an amazing experience of all time.

Niagara Parks into a sparkling winter wonderland:

I have visited this place many times but this time. I choose winter’s all-around snow but we stay there for at least 10 minutes we cannot stand there anymore. So walked down again. when the temperature dips below zero or minus the mist rising from horseshoe falls transforms Niagara Parks into a sparkling winter wonderland.

The wintery transformation perfectly accentuates the unique event happening.  If we talk about evening winter festival lights. Millions of twinkling lights are strung throughout the Niagara area. The whole area lights up. If we see a fall from the hotel that looks like osam. Once the temperature of Niagara falls to minus or drops very low for so long. The falls will become encased with a thick layer of snow and ice the phenomenon is known as frozen falls, And routinely draws thousands of visitors to come. 

In winter the coolest place the sparkling spray of falls converted from thick layers of snow to the crust of ice. Although this sheet of ice makes it appear as though the falls have stopped moving the water continues to flow underneath. An ice bridge forms at the base of Niagara Falls. When the upper Niagara River breaks up and travels down and over the falls. This wet ice then freezes and appears to be a huge glacier. so it’s great fun to always visit Niagara Falls.

Niagara Winter Attractions:

Niagara Falls Canada Whenever it comes into my mind it feels like I should start my car on the weekends and reach Niagara Falls for a night out and party time what place is awesome will never come back from there and remain permanently in Niagara Falls and spend woof my life in Canada. let’s talk more about Niagara Falls Ontario city in Canada of the famous waterfalls on Niagara Falls.

It’s linked with the USA-linked rainbow bridge. Elevators take the Visitors and guests to the lower level of the vintage point. Niagara Falls area has relatively less income as compared to other parts of the state it’s just because of fewer people in the surrounding areas it’s a tourist place that does not have many options because the main time of visit all across the globe Niagara Falls is in summer all flights are fully boarded from different parts of the world holidays. Niagara Falls is on the border of the USA and Canada it is a blend of Three big and one small water Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Falls.

Ontario Canada Niagara Falls:

Explore Niagara Falls Canada in 2023

This state is just 120 km from the main city of Ontario Canada Niagara Falls is just 125 k.m. from New York. It’s Said to be Horseshoe Falls it is so beautiful and the biggest fall its height is 1667 feet. The night atmosphere in Niagara Falls in summer is absolutely amazing and fantastic all the best cars on the main connecting roads can be found on the roads of Niagara Falls mind touched with the cool breeze and soothing rock music on the street of Niagara Falls near all hotels the time.

The time of winter Niagara Falls freezes at a freezing point Tourists still come here it’s an experience for everyone but its too skiddy and freezing points. you can watch Niagara Falls by watching from inside through boats from America and Canada both sided.


Niagara Falls Canada Attractions

Yes, this is true Niagara is a tourist spot and attracts people all across the world who would always love to make their visit to this unique place. As we are aware of the facts Niagara Falls is a natural scenic beauty that makes us peace whether. It has waterfalls or its lush green surroundings. It looks like a beautiful waterfall because water falls from top to bottom it’s not the world’s tallest water but still it’s the most scenic and beautiful waterfall tourists worldwide come to Niagara Falls.

If you have seen Niagara Falls from the nearest. then you can feel it. It’s near the border of the USA and Canada Ontario is just 120 km. from Toronto. This waterfall was made 12000 years ago. It was made due to the glaciers’ activity it is so beautiful with a huge thundering noise you can hear from far away. Scientists say this Niagara Falls will end in 50000 years only this Niagara Falls will vanish within this stipulated time world’s fastest moving waterfalls.

Three waterfalls combination:

This waterfall is made from the combination of three waters HorseFalls Shoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Whales It is said to be Canadian Falls when air blows in the air it flows through the fog that’s why it was given the name Niagara Falls. these three water originated from the Niagara River its water seems to be green water this water makes foams.

The lighting system at night seems to be more beautiful I have practically been there in Niagara Falls I have seen the winters and summers both seasons must visit once in a lifetime.

The iconic Niagara Falls and its awe-inspiring beauty :

Niagara Falls is iconic because of Its fame worldwide many tourists from all across the world must visit Niagara Falls breath breath-taking natural earth Niagara Falls Niagara Falls has captivated thousands and lakhs of tourists around the world. There is power and beauty in Niagara Falls’ mighty Niagara River which serves as the boundary between the USA and Canada Niagara Falls is a combination of three waters collectively three stunting whale falls, American falls, and horseshoe falls the iconic one.

These spectacular waterfalls breath taken panorama drawing millions of tourists every year. that makes people more inspired and motivated towards the visit to Niagara Falls by many tourists across the world.


Niagara Falls Canada tours:

The Niagara Falls boat tour will cost 150 Dollars per adult. The second tour is a helicopter tour for the aerial shoot which makes an aerial video graph of the entire area. the third tour is an underwater tour by bus, a dolphin tour in Niagara then we have a Disney world tour walking tour on the main road Niagara Falls you will find many refreshments shop, then we have a walking tour to souvenirs shop available, Tim Hortons, cake shops, burgers pizza available. Niagara Falls New York and Niagara Falls USA Niagara Falls is near Buffalo near New York from central Ohayo its 5 hour’s drive if you are coming from New York.

Canada Toronto:

if you are coming from Canada Toronto is just 2 two-hour drive by your own car you can come by Maple Leaf Train. the better view is from the Canadian side. As we said earlier if you want to enjoy Niagara Falls you can travel by water boat. Actually, I have personally visited Canada many times in winter, and in summer in winter the temperature is freezing it’s a beautiful time when vehicles move slowly on the streets due to heavy snow but still, it’s an amazing atmosphere in Canada.


Rainbow Bridge and the pedestrian walk bridge:

The main viewpoints are the Rainbow Bridge and the pedestrian walk bridge, I have been to Canada many times and always traveled to Niagara Falls, Many hotels and Restaurants are available, and Queen Elizabeth Park is in the side of USA, couple of items you can do in Niagara falls mist rider zip lines good for the kids, Niagara distillery good for parents, mist riders on Canadian sides,i-max theater in Niagara for kids.

There are a couple of casinos on the Canadian side the Fall Cliff Hill Casino Casino Niagara, and Wax Museum Fun House there’s a nightmare fear factory some of these could be in business some of these may not be in business.

There are Cuban cigars that are legal in Canada now so you can enjoy and purchase these cigars for your own use or gifts. Niagara Falls has a natural side of the mist. you can plan for butterfly places it’s a nice place for kids. jack boat tours is nice up and down you can catch them from the United States and Canadian sides.

Weather in Niagara Falls Canada IN 2023:

Explore Niagara Falls Canada in 2023

In my opinion on a personal level, the best time to visit Niagara Falls is in the month of June or July when you can enjoy a honeymoon couples family tour the best months to travel to Canada. there are a total of four seasons in Canada, Winter let me describe winters, are the worst extreme temperatures for everyone its really very difficult to survive here in Canada in winter.

You must have a good heated car winter tires, a heated house, and a heated bus service for local moments in the worst temperature. The best way to survive is Timhourtions coffee and the best available there are freezing rains in winter that’s very dangerous for a walk. The second season is summer which is the best time for Canadians to enjoy so it’s good for beer lovers less garments to buy are worn by every people loves to wear fewer clothes due to the hot summers but summers are very short just two months. live music bands on the main streets no much hassle enjoyment time everywhere in the entire Canada.

Sun rise in summer is around 5 a.m. and the sun sets at 10:30 in the night that’s also a big thing Summer is always happening in Canada.

Dining in Niagara Falls Canada :

Skylon Tower revolving dining room, Milestone on the Falls, Rain Forest café, Hard Rock café, Docs Migilini Irish Pub,  the steak house, Buchanan steak house, etc.

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Hotels Near Niagara Falls Canada 2023:

We are aware of the fact that we have many hotel options in Niagara Falls like Radisson, Hyatt, Double Tree Fall View, Embassy Suites, Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott, etc many options are available here you can check on websites booking.com, Expedia the best websites available if we talk about pricing that’s really great some time discounts are available on each hotel so make your search a deep one to get the maximum discounts.

Embassy Suites Niagara Falls Canada 2023:

My favorite place for a peaceful stay at Embassy Suits make an online booking for this hotel location is fabulous and a blowing calm place night is super duper here you can enjoy loud music and chilled air hotel is really amazing with high floors cannot say exactly but i stayed at 25 floor, double bed room with one living room crossest in each room and attached washroom but i should say its really beautiful.

 Practical Information transportation options to Niagara Falls Canada.

If we talk about Niagara Falls transportation options we have Maple Train which comes from Toronto to Niagara Falls, we have private Uber taxis, self taxis, local buses, and many other options available.

Tips for a Great Visit Niagara Falls Canada 2023:

Offer useful tips for a successful trip. – Hey guys if you want to make your Niagara trip more successful and full of fun then kindly pre-book the online hotel at a good price and near to the main street in Niagara Falls. Secondly, try to come by either Maple Bus service or by your own car or taxi service if you are coming from Ontario.

Niagara Falls is one of the best tourist spots in Buffalo I must say it especially looks like Disneyland. The best tour I liked was a boat tour to below the falls it was a fantastic journey with fun full of activities inside the boat lots of air blowing on the boat, and water shovers coming from the fall I most exciting part of this tour was when the boat reaches near to the fall that makes goose booms on your whole body which makes shivering in entire body the voice of a waterfall makes it more enthusiastic. Dolphin show is also great you can enjoy this show at Niagara Falls.


1. How can I book a room at Embassy Suites Niagara Falls Canada?

Provide information on booking procedures and contact details. – I have booked a room on the 25th floor in this embassy suited in
2023 Niagara Falls online from the website it was a wonderful stay niagara Falls looks really great a colour full niagara falls from my
room window. Hot water showers in the swimming pool inside the hotel. The rooms were huge and big living rooms two-bedrooms inside with
no terrace on 04th floor was outstanding you will certainly enjoy the moment. The breakfast served was the best bread and omlet with hot coffee so in my opinion must book it online.

2. What is the best time to visit Niagara Falls Canada?

Offer insights into the optimal seasons for a visit. – Summers are the best time to travel to Niagara Falls many options available winters are really great all the freezing points everywhere and the surroundings.

3. Are there vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Niagara Falls Canada?

The options for vegan food are very less so some people who love vegan food will certainly be disappointed about the food options you can find mashed potatoes, French fries, hash browns, cheese-baked buns, and butter croissants with hot and cold coffee options available.

4. Is there parking available at Niagara Falls Canada attractions?

 Explain parking options and fees. – Yes there are parking lots available in Niagara Falls @ 20 Dollars for 04 hours fees at the parking lot but they a nice well-organized place to park your car those who are coming from Canada can park their cars in their respective parking lots but there is no one to assist in parking lots you have to manage the payment of your self-same things happens in the USA also at buffalo Canada border.

Conclusion : 

Niagara Falls winter visit is a major attraction in the USA and Canada. People come from all over the world to visit Canada. it’s a major attraction place for all kids, men women of all ages no age barrier one enjoys these falls. It’s a unique place for everyone. So, in my opinion, one should visit Niagara once in a lifetime.  Niagara Falls is one of the best tourist spot in Buffalo I must say it especially looks like a Disney land.

The best tour I loved to see was a boat tour to Below the Falls tour it was a fantastic journey with fun and full of activities inside the boat lots of air blowing on the boat, and water shovers coming from the fall I was most excited part of this tour was when the boat reaches near to the fall that makes goose booms on your whole body which makes shivering in entire body the voice of a waterfall makes it more enthusiastic. The Dolphin show is also great you can enjoy this show at Niagara Falls.  Niagara water boat is the best part of this travel when you are under the fall when the boat takes turns to come back the best move is for people to shout like anything.

My Youtube Channel: TRIP BOX



Exploring Family-Friendly Tourist Attractions in Gwalior (2023)

Gwalior tour plan was in mind for a long time and I have seen many blogs regarding the Gwalior tour. Explore Family-Friendly Tourist Attractions in Gwalior (2023). How to travel to Gwalior so we decided we need to book our train tickets for Gwalior and make some new YouTube vlogs. Unexpectedly I Planned it. So Final day of my train Exploring Family-Friendly Tourist Attractions in Gwalior (2023)was the Taj Express I was supposed to catch a train at around 07:30 a.m. from my train station.

Exploring Family-Friendly Tourist Attractions in Gwalior (2023)

I had a misconception about the time when I reached the train station My train left the train staiton one hour prior the moment shocked me I got confused about the timing hotel was pre-booked I booked it through makemytrip.com.But they refused to cancel it so suddenly I requested a a date change. They did it at an extra cost I got my preferred new date of travel. immediately rebooked my train tickets for the same station.

It was 03rd July 2023 and I booked my son’s tickets too We both started by catching the train from the same train station boarded the train on time taking extra precautions and reached early to catch the train on time It took around 05 hours to reach once we reached Gwalior train station we took an auto to our hotel Raddison Gwalior It was a business hotel quite a beautiful nice one with full luxury we enjoyed Then I started working on my task.

One of my friends from local Gwalior visited me and we were excited to visit Gwalior Fort and local places for sightseeing in Gwalior We started around 3:30 p.m. for Gwalior Fort It was too hot and Gwalior Fort was at a height it takes around 02 hours to complete the entire palace It’s like a rocky hills fort on the hilltop. We have hired a tourist guide to understand the basics of this palace.

Family-Friendly Tourist Attractions in Gwalior

Gwalior tried to reply to our answers so we purchased entry tickets for the monument entry around Rs 200 per adult and moved inside Our guide was an expert and immediately started explaining about Fort Gwalior It’s a huge fort The history of Gwalior Fort belongs to the Hindu Rajpoot king. The Gwalior Fort is on the top of the hill in Madhya Pradesh. This fort existed in the 10th century standing on the steep mass of sandstones it is the most important monument It has been the scene of momentous events, imprisonment during the battle of Jauhars.

There are so many statues of Jains carved on the rock face wall of the fort. history of Gwalior was traced to the 8th century AD is planted in,
Suraj Sen was suffering from a fatal disease and was cured by the sage saint Gwalipa.

Man Singh Tomar was the raja of this Gwalior fort he ruled the place for nearly 30 years This fort was a very lengthy fort built by Raja Man Singh and he made many temples but Raja Man Singh was killed by the Delhi Sultan and finally fort fell into the hands of the Delhi Sultan.

The Britishers finally defeated the Marathas suffering around 800 men killed, wounded, or missing. The Marathas were estimated to lost 3000 to 4000 men. Maharaja Shivaji Rao and government official in the British Raj, he was the ruling maharaja from 1925 till 1947.

Rani Laxmi bai died while fighting in Gwalior on 18th June 1858 at the age of 23 she was a brave shoulder. Gwalior was captured by the Britishers. When I went inside the palace of Gwalior there were so many big places inside for raja and maharanis to stay to take a bath its a royal treatment that was supposed to be enjoyed by the king their children and the palace caretakers so much music was organized in the evening session, taking care of cold and hot air to keep the palace warm and cold for Raja and maharani. when we went deep inside the palace we came to know about the real story of this palace.


Exploring Family-Friendly Tourist Attractions in Gwalior (2023)


A brief overview of Gwalior’s historical and cultural significance

Why Gwalior is an ideal destination for family vacations: As we know Gwalior is located on an Asan river This dam is an ideal place for picnics for tourists and local people spend the best time with family and friends. We can keep our trip short with a day tour plan You can travel by car, by bike by tempoo traveler depending on your family size a group, or individual tour plan. historical significance.

The first dynasty was King Suraj Sen, the second dynasty was Fatihara Gujar third dynasty was Man Singh the fourth dynasty was Grand Lodhi, the fifth was Mughal, Last was Sindhiya and Britishers. many things to do here If you need to know about the culture of Gwalior the best way to learn is inside the fort.


Exploring Family-Friendly Tourist Attractions in Gwalior (2023)

Scenic Splendor: Gwalior’s Man Mandir Palace

Highlighting the palace’s captivating design and royal heritage the design of the building is in Hindu style because it was developed by Hindu Raja Man Singh. Raja Man Singh palace Raja bodyguard rooms start at the entry gate there is an iron pole small for tying up Raja Man Singh’s elephant Raja sits on the elephant for Shikar. That is why this stand is made accordingly from 1486 till 1516. What a great time it was. Let’s go inside the palace of Raja Man Singh The design of the wall is Hindu architecture The design was so good.

We are in the middle of the room which was made for 08 queens who used to learn music here as we see 08 strands all the queens used to learn music from beju baba the musician who used to teach music to queens and the 09 th queen used to stay at the bottom of the place Gujiri mahal. Once we cross the music room then comes Rajas dewanae khas courtyard.

Deewana khas and dewanae am were Developed to sit the general people and main guests. Some symbols are related to the raja peacock and baby elephant designs reflect the symbol of the Indian Hindu raja. So many sunflowers were on the palace walls which made the palace more special,

Next comes the painting room so many people used to make paintings and see designs like Tulsi Rudraksha and Vishnu Chakra. We are now at the temple Shiv temple There were so many diamonds in this temple, The significance was three tunnels for Agra bypass Sikri bypass, and Jhansi pass . to save the Raja and Rani a secret way to escape from the palace.

Exploring Family-Friendly Tourist Attractions in Gwalior (2023)

4. Enchanting Sound and Light Show

Delving into the mesmerizing sound and light show at Gwalior. Fort Showcasing how it engages and educates visitors of all ages. This light and sound show reflects the cultural aspects of the Gwalior fort and details how Raja Man Singh used to stay in this palace and how functioned, his entire riyasat. The personal aspect of their living and style of living life about the Gwalior city who ruled this state
How long they ruled here is a complete story about the Gwalior fort and its establishment.

Suraj Kund: The Tale of a Sacred Reservoir

Discovering the mythological significance of Suraj Kund. Family-oriented experiences like picnicking and boating in Suraj Kund’s name reflect it as one of the well-known historical and architectural attractions in this city.We have one Suraj Kund in Faridabad also. The Word kund means a reservoir or a big pond The Sun god Suraj Kund’s design reflects various shrines and temples it is a place of religious significance and more often people come down so many stairs to fetch water.

Exploring Family-Friendly Tourist Attractions in Gwalior (2023)

Gwalior Zoo: A Day in the Animal Kingdom

Discussing interactive exhibits and educational opportunities location of the Zoo is at Italian Garden Road and Phool Bagh Lashkar road, This zoo is also known as Gandhi Zoo. It is a small zoo with some animals and reptiles snakes, leopards, hippopotamus, etc. It opens at 08 a.m. and closes at 03 p.m. per adult ticket cost is Rs 20/-.

Splashing Fun at Tighra DamShow-casing the recreational offerings at Tighra Dam. It’s a very special place 23 km from the Gwalior picnic spot Nowadays days the government has developed this dam as a tourist spot for people who are coming from outside Madhya Pradesh Foreign nationals can visit such places to enjoy their time and make good memories with them.

Scindia Museum: Where History Comes Alive

Family-oriented guided tours and hands-on displays very important place I love this place this is jai Vilas Palace entry tickets to this museum are Rs 300 but everyone must visit this place It comprises so many sculptures, their way of living, style of bedding, drawing room cutlery used by their ancestor’s marvelous things side to I can just see some of the glimpses of pistols, and guns,

How warriors dress up their local tradition about the vehicle used the kings and queens. You can find the details and family history of the Scindia family their ancestor’s lifestyle living conditions how gracefully they enjoyed their life. The latest Mp Jyotirrajya Scindia is still there, His family memories and his ancestor’s memories are still in this museum. More Such places like

Sas Bahu Temples: Architectural Marvels for All

Unraveling the intricate carvings and history of Sas Bahu Temples. How these temples provide an enriching experience for family, Sun Temple: A Spiritual Sojourn. Exploring the serene ambiance of Gwalior’s Sun, Scenic Rail Museum.

Gopachal Parvat: A Trek into TranquilityDiscovering the natural beauty and tranquility of Gopachal Parvat Family trekking, photography opportunities, and scenic views,

Ambedkar Park Tansen’s Tomb: A Melodic Memorial Discovering the legacy of Tansen and his tomb. Family interest in music, history, and cultural heritage Food Adventures in Gwalior: Family Delights. Highlighting local cuisine and family-friendly eateries Must-try dishes and culinary experiences for all ages.




Is Gwalior suitable for a family vacation?

Yes, Gwalior is an amazing place to stay for a long weekend because, many places to visit here in Gwalior minimum three-night stay is feasible, you should take your own time and visit Gwalior for a longer period so that you can watch maximum sightseeing you can cover with your family. Book your package tour with an instant travel tour company that you can trust and share your tour details accordingly, We Will share the quotation.
Our email id shaktitravelsinia@gmail.com , instant .travels@gmail.com

What are the must-visit historical sites in Gwalior?

Gwalior Fort, Jai Villas Palace, Tiger Dam, Sun Temple, Gwalior Zoo, etc SAS Bahu temple, Suraj Kund, scenic rail museum, Tansen tomb, etc. so many places to visit in Gwalior.


Are there accommodations that cater to families in Gwalior?

Yes, so many hotel options are available in the 5-star category. We have options like Hotel Raddison, Usha Kiran, 4-star hotels, and 3-star hotels. How can I make the most of my family’s visit to Gwalior?. As much as you can, the best time will be in October till April, then long weekends are the ideal time to visit Gwalior.


What are some family-friendly dining options in the city?

Firangi restaurant is the best option available in Gwalior It’s in the Raddison Hotel city center. Chinese options, vegetarian options, and non-vegetarian options are available.



Gwalior vlog I am happy to make this travel vlog for the people who are willing to explore Gwalior in the surrounding area near New Delhi. Gwalior can be a very good option very simple steps for this tour take Shatabdi from New Delhi. Book one hotel for two nights in Gwalior Book one taxi for the city tour to make your tour memorable.

One it will cost you just Rs 10999/- per couple! 3-star hotel Rs 15999/- 4-star hotel option you can share your details on our email ID to make your tour a memorable one. The main attractions places in Gwalior are Gwalior Fort, Raja Man Singh temple, Sas Bahu Temple, Zoo, etc many sites and monuments to see.  Gwalior city is a small city but beautiful city.

It is generally famous for Chambal ki Ghati which is still there so many movie shooting happen here in Chambal ki Ghati but in my opinion, you must visit Gwalior you will find a fantastic history of this place Many thanks to you guys for going through my travel vlog. Kindly post your comments. Thank you.

If you have any queries and comments about my blog kindly share your views which are much awaited .



Neem Karoli Baba Temple

Those who have faith in Neem Karoli Baba know about their Chamatkar many renowned personalities know about him and what he did in the past people like Mark Zuckerberg Facebook owner, Steve Jobs, and Apple mobile company owner have already seen the magical changes when they visited this place Kenichi Dham they have meditated for a long number of hours and when they go back to their own country their companies were not going on top. They were at their lowest time they had seen the magic about their graph rise like anything. 

Ram Das, Hollywood actress Julia Roberts, and many such stars had a remarkable experience with Neem Karoli Baba they have become the disciples of Baba. 

How to Reach Neem Karoli Baba Temple in 2023?


Hotel Amar Valley Resorts Keinchi Dham Near Bhowali

A Boutique property in a valley Kenchi Dham is lush green the atmosphere is all around the area a river just flows near the Neem Karoli Baba temple, and cool air flows making the atmosphere more soothing night stay was osam and more enjoyable light music with borne fire was something which we were expecting the nice place to be here in winter that makes more sense place is the wonderful interior of hotel and rooms was outstanding and number one hotel.

I personally recommend this hotel for family and individual stays price is also good if we talk the morning of this hotel is also pleasant with birds cheering and cool air when I started walking to Neem Karoli Baba temple it was so cool outside temperature the temple bells were on in the morning we reached the place around.

Neem Karoli Baba

Neem Karoli Baba is a place for blessings for everyone who is in deep trouble in his life So take some important time from your busy schedule and reach Kenchi Dham ashram for blessings of Baba and make your comfortable stay at Hotel Amar Valley Resorts Kenichi Dham Near Bhowali.

Neem Karoli Baba is a Hindu Guru and a Hindu deity of Hanuman Jai Shree Ram. He was born in the year 1900 in the village of Akbarpur and died on 11 September 1973 in Vrindavan. His parents’ name was Druga Prasad Sharma, and his guru was Hanuman Ashram is basically built for meditation and spirituals, Satsang’s.

In devotional songs the devotes of the ashram take care of the ashram properly so it makes the place so soothing and peaceful which makes visitors proud to be here again and again and you will get a prasad of chickpeas at the exit gate.

Neem Karoli Baba is a place for all visitors across the world and reaches place neem Karoli Baba ashram is said to be Kenichi Dham.

Kenchi Dham

Kenchi Dham is a place of blessings open to everyone it’s an ashram in the valley of  Kenchi Dham near bhowali which is just a 20 k.m. hill drive downhill the place. the temperature in the month of January was too chilled around 2 degrees cool and cool Awesome atmosphere. It’s a place of blessings to live in the valley.

So pls make your presence once with your family and friends ASAP to get the blessings from Neem Karoli Baba. stay is not a big issue at this place you can have options of staying near the ashram, and some osam 3-star hotels are also available here hotel Amar Valley Resorts.

Neem karoli baba Temple 2023

Neem Karoli Baba is the best one rest is up to you the quality of the hotel you are looking for. Inside Story of Kanchi Dham is a unique place in a deep valley 338 k.m. from New Delhi. Hanuman temple is complete here a new home for Hanuman all credit goes to Ram Das who the initiative to build this temple with the help of other followers and a special complex for Hanumanji Temple neem Karoli Baba.

Neem Karoli Baba followers like Mark Zuckerberg; Steve Job and Holly wood actor Zulia Roberts also include it’s a divine place in Uttarakhand those who visit with a good mind can fulfill all kinds of wishes there is a huge importance of this temple for everyone.

Who is Neem Karoli Baba?

Neem Karoli Baba was said to be the Avtar of Hanuman Jee he is also said to be a magical Baba he was very intelligent since he was 10 years old he is from a very small village in Uttar Pradesh from a rich family at the age of 11 years he left his home for getting more spiritual. Maharaj Jee said if you are more powerful Maharaj Ji.

Neem Karoli Baba was happy to listen to Ramayana he spoke in the middle of the Ramayana that I was talking to Vibhishan In Ramayana Hanumanji was talking to Vibhishan How can anyone trust that Neem Karoli Baba was the disciple of Hanumanjee

The people who used to stay with Neem Karoli Baba Ji trust Neem Karoli Baba they have seen the magic in Baba’s body and so many stories of Neem Karolibaba.


 Neem Karoli Baba’s background and spiritual journey :

Neem Karoli Baba’s spiritual journey from a state known as Uttar Pradesh Ferozepur. He was very intelligent he was a disciple of Hanumanjee those people who came from different parts of the world to meet Parampujniyae neem karoli baba and try to adopt their new names as Ram Das, Laxman das, Krishan das, etc. He has the magical power for humanity which he always shows to everyone at the age of 17 years. He was well-versed with the powers which can transform people’s life to different levels.

Stories of Kenichi Dham

There are many such stories about him One of the best stories about Neem Karoli Baba was about a train on which he was traveling but suddenly a train stopped in the middle of the train station. The conductor came to Baba and asked for the ticket he was boarded in the first class compartment but he said I don’t have then the ticket collector told him to get the train and suddenly after a minute train stopped in the middle of the jungle, and Neem Karoli Baba gets down from the train.


Hundi Baba

Then after an hour, the train wouldn’t start after some time some told the conductor that kindly board Baba on the train back. so everyone went to Baba requesting him to board the train but o.k. he said I have just two conditions. Kindly make one train station Neem Karoli railway station at this point and the second request is don’t try to any of the sadhus. Neem Karoli Baba went to Gujrat and also did meditation in Morbi City Vananya Baba’s name was Tasliya Baba Ji, in Vrindavan his name was Hundi Baba he was an Avtar of Hanumanji. some of the hippies came to India one of the people Robert Albert was singing a song hare, Krishna Hare Ram.


Hotel options in Kenchi Dham

Hotels options and Ashram options you can find many but my recommendation is Hotel Amar Valley Resorts Neem Karoli Baba which is the best for me and my family so try it once it’s a peaceful place to stay.

Hotels if it comes to occupancy options then mid-size with luxury is always best but in such a location, sometimes its really very hard to find hotel locations it really very hard to find good options when it evening time late night you reach the desired destination when you are not pre-booked so take my recommendations which will help you in your future travels. 


Hotel Amar Valley Resorts comprises luxury rooms with balconies and some rooms without balconies also rooms are good to cool. With a cozy atmosphere with all the basic amenities needed for a particular person for their usage. it’s an extraordinary hotel for everyone who wants to travel for blessings you all must visit this particular hotel food are a great many options only vegan are available due to religious places nearest place to this hotel is Bhowali.

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Neem Karoli Baba is a religious place my friends you all must visit such a place for your family and friends and the nearest ones so enjoy life it’s a one-time event. We personally went to Neem Karoli Baba in January 2022 it was my first visit to the temple. what a place? peace if you are looking for peace in life then you must visit Neem Karoli Baba.

It is around 20 k.m from bhowali and 40 k.m. from Bhimtal We reached Karoli Baba around 09 p.m. We started searching for the nearest hotel the most comfortable hotel was just 01 km away. Walk from the temple hotel Amar Villas Neem Karoli Baba you have many options for the guest houses and ashrams.

Next Day

Next early morning we went to the temple we walked down the hill the temple bells in our mind started ringing we were walking down the hill and just started our Japmantra jai neem karoli baba was the first step the birds were chirping on the tres and wires morning was just on its edge going to be morning soon. Once we entered the temple Neem Karoli there were so many monkeys who were running here and there we just crossed the walking pool a river beneath it was flowing on a regular basis we entered the temple after washing our hands then straight inside the temple.

Kenchi Dham spiritual blessings

Everything was white marble with used amazing peaceful atmosphere inside I started my prayer with Hanuman Chalisa in front of Neem Karoli Baba what a moment it was never forgettable moment then heard many stories about neem karoli baba from my sister, she told me many blessings given to many bussiness tycoons worldwide recently our great well know cricketer and bollywood star anushka sharma and virat Kohli visited Kenichi Dham they both are married couple.

So many great people like Hollywood star Julia Roberts, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs visit Kenchi Dham people come here for blessings and meditation.


1. What were the core teachings of Neem Karoli Baba?

The major is meditation and they were in search of knowledge on how to get your inner soul.

2. How did Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs become aware of Neem Karoli Baba?

Actually, Steve is the person who came to know about Neem Karoli Baba through some spiritual preachers or through social media Steve job came to India to Karoli Baba Ashram and then he let Mark know it.

3. Can spirituality really impact success in the tech industry?

Yes, it’s true if you meditate yourself 20 minutes every day you can reach your task in any industry your mind becomes focused on what you want and how early you need it.

4. Are there any books or resources to learn more about Neem Karoli Baba’s teachings?

Yes, there are so many books literature, and YouTube channels nowadays on Neem Karoli Baba.

5. How can I incorporate mindfulness into my daily routine?

Join some online YouTube meditations so many techniques are now available on the internet.


Neem Karoli Baba Influence Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Job

Discover how the teachings of Neem Karoli Baba influenced tech giants Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs. Explore their spiritual journey and their impact on the tech industry. Neem Karoli Baba is a divine place it’s around 7 hours and 52 minutes 338 km. from New Delhi and vice versa drive in the morning and reaches in the evening neem Karoli Baba. Ashram is a very peaceful area. Life is really peaceful there is not much to do except trek through nice rivers flowing in the surrounding area with lush green ferns and trees with a smell of sand and grass a combination. Which makes us soothing and impressive.

Travel from New Delhi to Kenichi Dham

I love to be here again and again the routes during the travel from New Delhi are very good and user-friendly. it’s amazing it depends on the season. Also, you are traveling. We went in winter in the month of January so the temperature was outstanding for making your traveling plan but you can travel in the summer season also. The most prominent personality made their physical presence when they were in the downfall in their career they might have heard about Neem Karoli Baba for their own Growth like Mark Zuckerberg, Zulia Robert actor, and Steve Jobs.

Location of Neem Karoli Baba

Neem Karoli Baba is the real one. So let me give a brief introduction about Pujniyae Neem Karoli Baba was born in 1900 in the Firozabad district Uttar Pradesh in Akbarpur in a Brahman family his father Durga Prasad Sharma his father was very happy at the time of his birth at the age of 11 yrs he was so brilliant by mind Neem Karoli baba real name was luxman prasad sharma. He was a brilliant student and full of knowledge so his father was overwhelmed. people used to come a long way to see him.

Neem Karoli Baba’s early life

Neem Karoli Baba left his home at the age of 11 years and straight went to Gujrat bawaniya for peace and more knowledge he connected himself to the universe he could change anything. It was difficult to meditate but he did. How did he get the name NeemKarolii Baba there is a village Neem Korari nearFaroquaa bad he was going the trai. TT came and he did have the tickets TT told him to get off the train because he wouldn’t have the train ticket then the train stopped and he was not able to start the train.  Then TT and other people came to Baba and said sorry to him and told them to come back to train from here is get the name Neem Karoli Baba.


Ashram is Neem Karoli Baba Kenchi Dham

Many ashrams can be found across India the most important ashram is Neem Karoli Baba Kenchi Dham, he was a magical baba. One more ashram is near Vrindavan you have to take a prior request before going to Vrindavan. He died on 11th Sept 1973 hi main international followers were in America United States  Ram Das’s real name was Richard Albert his preachings were perfectly fine.


Bhagavan Das met Neem Karoli Baba

Neem Karoli Baba was a Maharaj in the mountains Bhagwan Dass a spiritual traveler.  He went with Neem Karoli Baba in his Land Rover but he was annoyed with him that he wanted to drive the vehicle. Bhagavan Das met Neem Karoli Baba Maharaja and was lying on his belly touching the feet of a girl people knew about him it was tough to understand him, his consciousness was so brilliant.

I see him as a doorway to god his consciousness was so playful with his mind it sucks you in India. We have a tradition that god is one god guru all are the same. All the Westerners who come to meet Maharaj are like a magnet people come and are attracted to them too much.

Shiv Temple in Nainital

Maharaj ki Leela or a magical word is a blessing to everyone it’s just how we look into it. In the Nainital Construction of Shiv temple in nanital one was sitting in inBabas ashram A person came from Kanpur he was not in good shape he told Baba JeeIi am not okay. In my mind due to some issues going on. Maharaja Jee said you tell me one thing one has some issues in life so don’t worry every thing in life.


Neem Karoli Baba’s influence on Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg

The intrigue of Mark Zuckerberg’s success and Neem Karoli Baba’s influence on Steve Jobs Kenchi Dham neem karoli baba 1962 the establishment of neem karoli baba. He made Hanuman temple owners Steve Job, Marc Zuckerberg, and Robert Julia the actors all influenced by Neem Karoli Baba now some of the local babas have tried to snatch people’s money with their false influence in India which is not good for people but, still we can say that one of the most pro imminent babas which are neem karoli baba their influence is huge because of Steve job apple owner have raised to unlimited.

Facebook Mark Zuckerberg was in his own phase when he straight to Neem Karoli Baba and after that, things changed a lot he stayed there for almost a month it was great communication with Naerender Modi Jee regarding it Steve Job told him about Neem Karoli Baba so it’s all influence about how things can be changed by the trust. Those who trust Neem Karoli Baba.


 Who is Neem Karoli Baba?

Neem Karoli Baba Influence Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Job

Neem Karoli Baba was said to be the Avtar of Hanuman Jee he is also said to be a magical Baba he was very intelligent since he was 10 yrs he is from a very small village in Uttar Pradesh from a rich family at the age of 11 yrs he left his home for getting more spiritual. Maharaj Jee said if you are more powerful Maharaj Jee. Neem Karoli Baba was happy to listen to Ramayana he spoke in the middle of the Ramayana that I was talking to Vibhishan Ramayana hHanumanwas talking to vVibhishan.


How could anyone trust that Neem Karoli Baba was the disciple of Hanumanjee?

The people who used to stay with Neem Karoli Baba Jee trust Neem Karoli Baba they have seen the magic in Baba’s body so many stories of Neem Karoli Baba.

Neem Karoli Baba’s background and spiritual journey: Neem Karoli Baba’s spiritual journey from a state known to be Uttar Pradesh Ferozepur he was very intelligent he was a disciple of Hanumanjee those people who come from different parts of the world to meet parampujniyae neem karoli baba to adopt their new name as Ram Das, Laxman das, Krishan das etc..


The magical power of Kenchi Dham

He has the magical power for humanity which he always shows to everyone at the age of 17 years he was well versed with the powers that can transform people’s lives to a different level. there are many such stories about him One of the best stories about Neem Karoli Baba was about a train in which he was traveling but suddenly a train stopped in the middle of the train station conductor came to Baba and asked for the ticket.

he was boarded in the first class compartment but he said I don’t have then ticket collector told him to get down from the train and suddenly after a minute train stopped in the middle of the jungle and Neem Karoli Baba get down from the train. Then after an hour the train wont start after some time, some told the conductor to kindly board Baba on the train back. so everyone went to Baba requesting him to board the train but o.k. he said I have just two conditions.


Taliyah baba ji

Kindly make one train station at Neem Karoli railway station at this point and the second request is don’t try to any of the sadhus. Neem Karoli Baba went to Gujrat and also did meditation Morbi City Vananya Baba’s name was Taliyah Baba Ji, in Vrindavan his name was Hundi Baba he was an Avtar of Hanuman. some of the hippos came to India one of the people Robert Albert was singing a song hare Krishna Harae Ram.

Neem Karoli Baba His teachings and philosophy

Neem Karoli Baba life philosophy Ram Das from the United States. He was A big phenomenon during the ’60s or 770s s probably he was associated with Harvard University he traveled to India so he came to Neem Karoli Baba a mystic tantrik man of capabilities he is a huge man worshiper of Hanuman is a disciple of Hanuman. Ram Das has some LSD and swallows the entire LSD and nothing happens to him. Certain dimensions disabled him Ra das is not ram sad of his own sadhak he did one important thing sit with Neem Karoli Baba. neem karoli
preachings were so outstanding that I wanted to just with him in his ashram also.


Influence on Western figures, including Steve Jobs

The Life and Career of Steve Jobs: The lowest period of Apple phones was going on then suddenly Mark Zuckerberg told Steve Jobs to travel to India and meet Neem Karoli Baba this was the spiritual opening of his mind and he went back to his home town after that
things changed a lot his company rise like anything apple become the number 01 phone in demand in the market. Steve’s job was too poor he was a college drop but his spiritual connection changed the entire thing in his life it was just neem karoli baba. Founding Apple Inc. and his impact on the tech industry was a remarkable change in the life of Steve job


The Zuckerberg-Jobs Connection  The connection between Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs

International followers like Steve Jobs apple phone owner and Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg approached Neem Karoli Baba Ashram browallia Naniltal said to be Kenchi Dham as both Apple owners and Facebook owners were in their downfall business was at their lowest Facebook wanted to sell his companies there was an adharmic shakti available and both of them wants to flourish in their so at the advice of Steve jobs so actually everyone is in search of best guru for themselves.


How Neem Karoli Baba’s blessings played a role in their lives

Neem Karoli Baba was Chamatkari Baba he has shown so many magics that people want to sit with Karoli Baba people always are in so much trouble in one way or another and he has resolved so many practical issues in the family business once people meet him karoli baba have influence neither in India also international countries also he was a disciple of Hanuman jee.

Mindfulness and Innovation

The role of mindfulness in the lives of Zuckerberg and Jobs They both are marvelous business tycoons but Steve found something for their business growth after studying Adhyatam Gyan from some books or maybe through some of his friends about India Neem Karoli Baba Mindfulness fosters innovation and creativity

Conclusion :

Everyone must visit Neem Karoli Baba Ashram if they have some wish in their mind and they want to get it fulfilled the temple is so good and at the Deep Valley, you will certainly enjoy every moment and it will be a lifetime experience for you  Jai Hanuman Ji ki Jai ho Jai Shree ram.

Guest houses and ashrams

We personally went to Neem Karoli Baba in January 2022 it was my first visit to the temple. what a place? peace if
you are looking for peace in life then you must visit Neem Karoli Baba. It is around 20 km from bhowali and 40 km. from Bhimtal We reached Karoli Baba around 09 p.m. We started searching for the nearest hotel the best comfortable hotel was just 01 km. walk from the temple hotel Amar Villas Neem Karoli Baba you have many options for the guest houses and ashrams.

Next early morning

we went to the temple we walk down the hill with the temple bells in our mind started ringing and we were walking down the hill and just started our jap mantra Jai neem karoli baba was the first step the birds were chirping on the trees and wires morning was just on its edge going to be morning soon.

Once we entered the temple of Neem Karoli there were so many monkeys who were running here and there we just crossed the walking pool a river beneth it was flowing on a regular basis we entered the temple after washing our hands and then straight inside the temple.


Amazing peaceful atmosphere

Everything was white marble with used amazing peaceful atmosphere inside I started my prayer with Hanuman Chalisa in front of Neem Karoli Baba what a moment it was never a forgetable moment then heard many stories about it.

Neem Karoli Baba Influence Mark Zuckerberg and Steve job

My sister told me many blessings given to many business tycoons worldwide recently our great well-known cricketer and Bollywood stars Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli visited Kenichi Dham both are a married couple, So many great people like Hollywood star Julia Roberts, and Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg and Steve job visit Kenichi dham. People come here for blessings and meditation.


1. What were the core teachings of Neem Karoli Baba?

The major is meditation and they were in search of knowledge on how to get your inner soul.

2. How did Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs become aware of Neem Karoli Baba?

Actually, Steve is the person who came to know about Neem Karoli Baba through some spiritual preachers or through social media Steve Job came to India to Karoli Baba ashram, and then he let Mark know it.

3. Can spirituality really impact success in the tech industry?

Yes, it’s true if you meditate yourself 20 minutes every day you can reach your task in any industry your mind becomes focused on what you want and how early you need it.

4. Are there any books or resources to learn more about Neem Karoli Baba’s teachings?

yes, there are so many books literature, and YouTube channels nowadays on Neem Karoli Baba.

5. How can I incorporate mindfulness into my daily routine?

Join some online YouTube meditations so many techniques are now available on the internet.

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Discover the Best Tourist Spots in Shimla (2023)

Discovering the Top Tourist Spots in Shimla 2023, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh in India is a city established as a hill station in the year 1864. Shimla was stated as the summer capital of India and has been attracting tourists for decades amid the Himalayas, Shimla boasts of its natural beauty, colonial architecture, and cool atmosphere.

In this article, we will take you on a virtual tour of the top tourist spots in Shimla that you must explore in 2023. During the Britisher’s time, they discovered Shimla as their summer place for all kinds of documentation which was supposed to be done in Calcutta. But was shifted to Shimla. Shimla has become a favorite place to stay for them. They do it every summer so that is why sometimes all the cases have been delayed also in file shuffling. From Calcutta to Shimla they were so impressed with this place they planned a toy train from Kalka to Shimla.

Initially, the city started with guidelines of 25 thousand Homes but the present situation has changed to 2,50000 homes Britishers have taken the initiative for a toy train in the year 1903 for the development of an amazing train journey to Shimla. The toy train was used as a passenger toy train to travel from one station to another We did this tour in 2023 from 04th June till 08th June 2023 what a tour.

It was we made so many videos about the toy trains from New Delhi to the Kalka Shatabdi train. Kalka to Shimla train next morning connectivity 05:00 a.m. toy train starts will reach Shimla at 11:00 a.m. same train goes back to Shimla to Kalka.


Shimla a never-forgettable place in India:

When the word comes Shimla to everyone’s mind it’s the coolest place in summer and winter in India, what a place memorable place of all time Shimla is always the first priority. When it comes to travel it’s a hot destination for every new honeymoon couple, families, inbound travelers outbound travelers luxury travelers those who want to explore it.

Summer best place with the best cool temperature If I talk about morning in Shimla on Mall Road a sunny sun shines early morning around 05:00 am sunrise people walk on Mall Road running and want to keep themself 100 percent fit and healthy. They do so birds crow chirping on the trees soothing atmosphere sounds the most memorable moments of my lifetime.

Why is Shimla supposed to be called the Queen of Hills?

The Britishers made this city a special place to stay away from home a cool place in the entire region. It was like a fairyland where things happening were amazing for everyone. It used to be a comfortable place. It spans a 12 km ridge in the foothills of the Himalayas, with steep, forested slopes with lush green Oak trees downhills and uphills. Winters are always the best time to visit such hill stations.

You will find many things to do hot magie, the best chickens, skiing to eat out chilled temperatures across the hills blowing more air a foggy atmosphere all over the hills best time to visit is from September till March. Then comes Snow time for the people who love skiing and trekking on hills.

Why is Shimla special?

It has colonial houses lakes lush green, snow caped mountains. Shimla’s beauty increases abruptly. When we talk about hill station the first destination kids know about shimla it happens due to school education. State Museum walk down the street just 02 k.m. from city center. but a nice place near Vidhan Sabhah.

The Ridge Road is an open space in the middle of Shimla a huge space playground Kids used to play football early morning in the middle of the ground more often. It is famous for walking, and the city is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated on the Mall Road we can walk many times from our hotel if you are near to the mall road my hotel
Was Treebo trend Maharaja Inn near Kali Bari temple.

We used to walk around 2 k.m. every time day and night to cover the entire place Ridge is the main attraction in Shimla you are the main shopping place on mall road all branded stores are available on mall road you can see the church, horse riding is available ice creams are available the best location to make reels and pics.

The ridge road leads to the main Lakker Bazar

I found one hotel at Lakker Bazar Hotel Roayle Oaks where we used to stay a long time ago wonderful hotel I have sent many school groups and college groups here. This Lakkar bazaar comprises a variety of woods available qualities which are used to make the best quality furniture.

The significance of this Ridge is underneath there are big water tank reserves for the supply of water in the entire Shimla Moreover, These water tanks were developed in the British era in the 1880s without using any
cement only using lime mortar.

 Mall Road – Shopping and Strolling

The major attraction across Shimla is Mall Road Many movies and shootings have been done here from Bollywood the best place for everyone who is coming from an entire part of South India North India East India West India all across 27 states in India. It was constructed during the British colonial.

The Mall Road comprises ample shops like showrooms of woolen garments, branded stores of shoe jackets socks windcheaters, umbrellas cafes, and restaurants Domino Pizza  McDonald’s all major brands available jewelry shops, coffee shops the oldest coffee houses available in the old style and latest styling shops.

It is a happening place altogether some monkeys can irritate you sometimes while walking on the main mall road. small note always carry a small bag for your eat-out stuff and lunch and dinner otherwise Monokey will be lucky to get food from you if you take it in open money personally come to you and have a check on your stuff.

Shimla Visit at jhaku Temple

Discover the Best Tourist Spots in Shimla (2023)

One of the oldest temples in the state at the topmost hill Jhaku Temple is the best place for monkeys 100s monkeys gather at Jhaku Temple Now we have two options to go to Jhaku Temple. To reach Jhaku temple The latest way to ropeway is the best plan to reach Jhaku temple very easily charges per adult costing Rs 490 per adult and kids charge 450 per child and from charges for the ropeway are not very rushy as well.

Jakhu Temple is a place on the top of the hill We talked about the facilities in the ropeway area including coffee, tea, and popcorn I found so many statues like Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan and other bolywood celebrities main attraction is a small play station available striker games.

It was a religious place so temple bells were a soothing sound in our ears making people peace and their belief in hanumanjee increased a lot. The second way to reach Jhaku temple is by stairs walking steep stairs you should have a trekking habit. The third way to reach Jhaku temple will be by local taxi.


Christ Church is the Best Tourist Spots in Shimla

Shimla for just a forest over an entire area of trees and jungles you see. It with a bunch of trees lush green atmosphere in the 1820s When Europeans came to India there was just a Jhaku temple and small houses. but when Charles Kennedy was a political agent of the British government posted in these hills.

He built the first house in the state known as the Kennedy House After that more British came here to Shimla and a total of 60 houses were built by that time. Shimla became a health resort for them.  Christ Church was designed in 1844 by Colonel  J.T.boileau Cornerstone was laid on 09 Sept 1844 by bishop Daniel Wilson. The church was consecrated on 10 Jan 1857 by bishop Thomas Daletry. The Estimated cost of construction was around 50,0000. The Christ Church was donated by Colonel Dumbleton in 1860.

It is in neo-gothic style Its architecture design is specially designed with fainted glass windows with a beautiful design of humility and patience. The amazing thing about this tour was its situated in the middle of the city center of Shimla We opted for a hotel Treebo Trend Shimla near Kali Bari Mandir just walking distance to
I Mall Road with my son it’s an amazing hotel with extraordinary facilities.

Kufri – A Winter Wonderland

A beautiful Snow Point main attraction place in Shimla town just 20 km. away from the city center, There are many resorts to stay in Kufri as you can plan your tour like a 02-night stay in Shimla 01 night in Kufri 01 night tata pani. The Kufri tour is the best one you have to be ready from your mind to walk in the snow the hard way.

You can take a horse or pony to reach the but once you reach the top of the hill a cool breeze touches your heart, and you will feel like enjoying hot Maggi, hot tea, and hot coffee, Many foods are available at Kufri clothing to be used you need windcheaters, an umbrella, and snow boots but nice spot must visit Kufri.


Summer Hill

Summer Hills is a place of peace on a height of 2123 meters from sea level with deodar trees so many slopes on the hills so many houses on both sides of the hills now we have up come with so many huge properties in this area no of houses and population has increased in the area. The best part is Summer Hills has its own railway station which was developed in the year 1903 by the British government.

It was a wonderful decision to make this toy train now it is 2023 still running successfully Local people used to travel by this train regularly it’s an amazing experience altogether must travel by toy train once in a lifetime.

Himalayan Bird Park – A Paradise for Bird Lovers

There are many bird centers in Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh which is blessed with natural beauty. Shimla is famous for its natural beauty All across you will find mother nature’s lush green atmosphere feels like you are in a peaceful and calm place Birds are chirping on the streets, I should say unique birds are jumping from one branch to another different colors birds

Tara Devi Temple – Blend of Spirituality and Scenic Views

Tara Devi temple is in the middle of Shimla connectivity by the railway station Tara Devi Temple is a famous temple People go to the temple people use to go there for all blessings from Tara Devi maa. Tara Devi temple is at a height of 7200 above sea level. Tara Devi Temple was built in the year 1766 AD The fort of Giri Sen is still in Junga. Tara refers to the goddess name in Hinduism Second is Buddhism out of ten goddess names it’s a source of external energy.


Green Valley is the Best Tourist Spots in Shimla

Green Valley is a place in the middle of Shimla and Mashobhra with lush green deodar trees with a photogenic place the right place to take some good pictures for your memories you can stop your vehicle on the roadside and accordingly, you can capture some memories in your cameras.


Mashobra is the Top Tourist spot in Shimla

Mashobra a place it is a nice peaceful place to stay Mashobhra at an altitude of 2246 meters above sea level, has a lush atmosphere of birds chirping on the wires streets full of flowers, and a lush green atmosphere all over. Masshobhra is near the capital state of Shimla. Clear sky in summer and full of snow in winter. the best way to travel to Mashobhra is by your own car.


Shimla is a tourist place in the northern part of India. Shimla has many places to explore like the state museum, gaiety theater, museum, bird sanctuary, light and sound show, Jhaku temple barong station tara devi temple, Kufri, Mashobhra, Fagu, etc.. and more places to explore.

I would suggest if you are young kindly go by trek all the places of atttractions on walking that would be the best way you can opt for the hotel Treebo Trend Maharaja Inn Hotel is a good location 3-star hotel must visit Shimla by toy train that the best one.

To experience I have one story about Barog tunnel number 33 a horror story about tunnel #33. It was really very difficult to make this tunnel some scary voices from this tunnel won’t allow any labor to work in this tunnel during the construction of this Barog tunnel. This rail route was constructed in the year 1903 and the train was successfully run on this toy train track later it was done successfully.

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Is Shimla accessible throughout the year?

Yes, Shimla is accessible year-round It is really faithful that everyone can reach Shimla all across the year any time any day. There are many ways to get to Shimla by car, private taxi, local bus services, Volvo bus services, red bus, toy train Shimla, Shatabdi, and toy train connectivity. So it depends on how we want to travel to Shimla the best season to travel to Shimla is March till July, but winter months may bring heavy snowfall and chilly temperatures so you need to carry.

So many heavy clothes and try to come by public transport in winter it’s just my suggestions for travelers you will find white shimla in winters from Dec 25th till Jan mid.
rest Shimla is the best and favorite destination.


How can I reach Shimla?

Shimla can be reached by air, train, or road as I discussed earlier Also the best way to reach Shimla will be by your own car private taxi toy train, and many other ways by air, by Volvo bus. The nearest airport is Jubbarhatti Airport, and the Kalka-Shimla Railway is a scenic train route. I am a regular traveler to Shimla as I have to make so many videos and travel vlogs. So I use public transport to reach Shimla that’s the easy way.


Are these tourist spots family-friendly?

Absolutely! Most of these spots cater to families and provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all ages. Football is the favorite game in Shimla ice skating, seeing, volleyball, and also some major sports table tennis, etc.


What’s the best time to visit for snow lovers?

The winter months of December to February are ideal for experiencing snow in Shimla yes true in context to snow lovers seeing lovers, paragliders, and other sports lovers.


Are there adventure activities in Shimla?

Yes, adventure enthusiasts can enjoy activities like trekking, skiing, paragliding, and more in and around Shimla. must visit don’t miss it.

Thank you all my readers of my blog of shimla its a lovely place peaceful place must visit shimla in summers winters spring also so many sports available things to see in shimla . The best way to travel to shimla is by toy train must travel by toy train a unique experience to travel to shimla by train . Namastae Welcome to shimla .

A Glimpse of Amarnath yatra, One of the toughest treks in India 2022

One trekking is always the tough initially hurdles are waiting for you. it’s a good gift for those who have special blessings for your health are two ways we can finish this yatra first via Pahalgam. which is a hardcore long trekking of 48 k.m. and the second one via baltal which is just 14 k.m. Please select which is convenient.

Tourists assembly point

There is the Srinagar taxi stand or the airport. All fresh picks up’s are arranged from these two important points. Once all our groups are ready then we straightforwardly leave for Pahalgam. Once cross the rush city of Srinagar with autos and local buses honking on the roads on both sides and crossing the city move to the outskirts area.

After an hour some local shops of dry fruits sellers and pashmina shawls to wear, and local kahwa dry fruits tea gives soothing relaxation to the lungs restart our journey. Further again so many apple orchids were found on the way we stopped our car and enjoy fresh apples. And move on to our tour suddenly a huge sound of water strikes. My senses on one side of the road a lush white river started on the roadside we have just entered Pahalgam.

Amarnath Cave Story 

Amarnath Cave is a place a lord Shiva had dictated the story of creation and immorality secrets to Maa Parvati .  The story goes with question raised by maa Parvati about why lord Shiva wears beads of heads Mund mala its a question  that observed by Maa Parvati . Lord Shiva replied that when You born then I add one more head in my beads . then without telling secret about immortal state enjoyed by the lord . The lord replies that all this happens with the reason of Amar Katha . 


Lord Shiva chooses the Amarnath Cave to tell the secrets of immorality to Mata Parvati . On the exection of reaching the place , lord Shiva left all his personal belongings such as he left Bull Nandi at Pahalgam , his moon at Chandanvadi snakes at the bank of Sheshnag and his son Ganesh at the core of Mahagunas mountain . He also discarded the five elements i.e Earth , Sky Fire and Air behind . people believe that as a symbol of sacrifice . Also both lord Shiva and Mata Parvati had Tandav dance. 

​Lord Shiva immediately entered inside the holy cave and went inside with Mata Parvati on his samadhi on the deerskin and meditate . Lord Shiva just wants that no other living creature can hear the immortal story . The creation of Rudra named kalangni is done . And he also order him to extended fire all around the cave for security reasons , by chance an egg was left out in the cave from which pair of pigeons

had also heard about this story of immorality and they also become immortal.  

The starting point of the Amarnath yatra trekking

yes, The next morning tourists started yatra all counters were full lanes were full with a high pitch noise of Bhola Baba bol bam bam Bhola Bhola Baba ki Jai ho Bhola baba ki Jai ho that crosses my mind.

So many sadhus ready for this tough yatra person showing their medicals and registration. And moving ahead for yatra towards the first base camp c 9 k.m. so those who were looking for Bhandara in the middle of the trek. Food stalls are available and camps are available for rest. Also, the trek was steep people are heading with the huge sound of chanting’s Bhola baba some are walking.

Some were on a pony, those who cannot walk so what a mind-blowing environment in surrounding rocky hills sandy hill in some places. It was raining too heavily as well the way was getting smaller and smaller. At some points the nest point is Shesh-Nag or we can say, It is a second base camp after so many hurdles walking on rocky stones and snow pathways. Feet were all wrapped with crab bandages again and started walking down to panchtarani the next base camp at panchtarani.

A Glimpse of Amarnath yatra, One of the toughest treks in India 2022

Where people get stopped for Bhola baba darshan people have full faith in Baba that gives them the strength to walk such a long trek. After taking bath along with the darshan at the caves the yatra is successful. The next talk after a long walk people reach baltal the entire trekking tour comes to an end some would like to drop at Srinagar.

So in my opinion Amarnath yatra should be done. Once the trek is always on the hard side I have a quick review of the itinerary/recap of the Amarnath yatra trekking package

Day 1:

https://travelblogconnector.in/wp-login : Pick up from srinagar airport  straight  drop at Pahalgam , Overnight stay at pahalgaon hotel Dinner at the hotel . 

Day 2:

Early Morning after breakfast leave from Pahalgam registration center to Chandan Wari 16 k/m trekking with your Tour Guide if you need pony for your belongings its a paid service ,otherwise you can take it your self  . over night in a base camp lunger are available near the base camp army camps are available here for stay which starts from Rs 100/- per person per night . 


Day 3 Early morning after freshen up after breakfast at available lunger again trekking starts  from  Chandan Wari to Sheshnag 12 k.m. Its a hard core trekking to next base camp . Over night at Sheshnag Dinner at nearest lunger .  

Day 4 : Early morning after breakfast leave for  Sheshnag to panchtarani 11 k/m. Finally reached the cave what a relief take a warm bathing with hot water and proceed to a que for Amarnath baba darshan it will take some time stay will be at panchtarani base camp . 

Day 5:

last day  of trekking from  Panchtarani to baltal 14 k.m. its a last day trekking you will reach in the evening to baltal base camp . Overnight stay at baltal basecamp . 

Day 6:

Baltal to Srinagar drop 90 k.m. . Guided tour Srinagar to Srinagar all-inclusive Amarnath yatra trekking package with breakfast and dinner, and a cab Srinagar to Srinagar.

So this comes end to trekking yatra you can book your tour to amarnath yatra 2024 by us . 

email us the details on shaktitravelsindia@gmail.com



Amarnath trekking yatra is good for physical fitness and blessings it starts from Pahalgam, and ends at baltal at 48 k.m. Trek option for the chopper is available. Which starts from Neelgrat to panchtarani return Sonmarg is the assembly point for this yatra and baltal is the base camp. Sonmarg is the crossing for Kargil and Leh Ladhak as well.

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